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I just spent some time crying in the car after I drop my mom off work because I think it just hit me that I'm going.
I'm like, I'm really excited to go, but just get miss my mom a lot.
Pretty much it.
It looks like I'm naked and wearing your show.
There you go.
About four days left until I get I, um but, you know, just to spend a little time my family and, yeah, just cause the features.
So once said And like, I don't know when I'll see her again.
And I don't know if she'll still be living in Australia or if I'm saying goodbye to Australia for a really long time.
My hands so shaky.
Um, but yes, this is just Yeah.
I just don't know when I'm gonna see you next.
They probably weigh soon that I think that you know, I lived at home for three years and I just missed her a lot during that time.
And now it's been really nice being home, cause that cereal is time, and yeah, I know, like I need to move to Japan.
This is just what I need to do.
I'm so much happier over there and it's I feel so much better and it's like my favorite place in the world.
And if I was at home, I know I'd be unhappy in Australia.
But, um, you know, it's talking to her about it, and it's like, What's the least painful thing to do?
And if I stayed in Australia may be very painful for me because, you know, I just be wanting to be in Japan the whole time.
But actually making the movie is very, very sad.
So yes, so just be sitting this parking lot for ages, just having a cry.
But I'm over it and I wanna go home.
I need to stop crying so I can see the road.


Moving is sad

45 タグ追加 保存
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