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  • today.

  • Senate Republicans said that they're looking forward to hearing President Trump's side of the story.

  • Yeah, which means, I guess they're not on Twitter.

  • That's all he does.

  • Yeah, he's been tweeting nonstop.

  • 700.

  • He's pretty much told us everything he thinks while sitting on a toilet in Switzerland.

  • A protester interrupted yesterday's impeachment proceedings, yelling, Schumer is the devil!

  • The protester was escorted out of the room and immediately on to Trump's legal team.

  • So a, uh, I love walking off camera.

  • Enjoy.

  • That's my quiet time away from America right now.

  • That's where you can cry.

  • One tear.

  • Yeah, exactly.

  • Get back out there and then I can come back and be the clown again.

  • Ah company in Finland is making food using Onley water, electricity and air.

  • Yeah, Today, the company admitted it's not good food.

  • That was plenty for that one, huh?

  • On.

  • I can't believe this is a crazy story.

  • Scientists have discovered a new breed of shark that can walk Story.

  • Yeah.

  • Meanwhile, sharks have discovered a new breed of scientists that can shit its pants.



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コナン、スイスのトイレでのトランプ氏のツイートについて - CONAN on TBS (Conan On Trump's Tweets From The Toilet In Switzerland - CONAN on TBS)

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