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  • the patrician family is here.

  • How good you could come.

  • You wouldn't have missed this for the world.

  • This must be the perfect place to come when you want to get away from everything you have to worry about business.

  • It must be hard waiting for the world to catch on to your idea, Mr True kin.

  • And who might you be?

  • Way work for the government.

  • Why don't you won't see me?

  • Because we're very interested in your stuff Locator.

  • But you need to help us first.

  • You asking me to spy on my friends?

  • Yes.

  • Nothing would make me agree to dead.

  • I am not a spy.

  • Why the Secret Service?

  • Listening to our phone calls.

  • Why?

  • They're interested in us.

  • I can't tell you.

  • I've been sworn to secrecy.

  • What did you want?

  • I just wanted to show you revenge.

  • The man of the future.

  • You come and see me again soon.

  • I can tell you now.

  • How's our Russian friend was asking everyone.

  • Waas, What if I was to tell you that you've got everything wrong rounds the people you're seeing in my five?

  • I know what they say.

  • They're working for the Russians.

  • No, I don't believe you, so you will need to find her.

  • Find out who's telling the truth.

  • Summer of Rockets on BBC two.

the patrician family is here.


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ロケッツの夏| BBC予告編 (Summer of Rockets| BBC Trailers)

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