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  • Is there anything more American than America?

  • 'Cause you can't import original.

  • You can't fake true cool.

  • You can't duplicate legacy.

  • Because what Detroit created was a first and became an inspiration to of

  • the world.

  • Yeah...Detroit made cars. And cars made America

  • Making the best, making the finest, takes conviction.

  • And you can't import, the heart and soul, of every man and woman working on the line.

  • You can search the world over for the finer things,

  • but you won't find a match for the American road

  • and the creatures that live on it .

  • Because we believe in the zoom, and the roar, and the thrust.

  • And when it's made here, it's made with the one thing

  • you can't import from anywhere else. American Pride.

  • So let Germany brew your beer,

  • Let Switzerland make your watch,

  • Let Asia assemble your phone.

  • We...will build... your car.

Is there anything more American than America?


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クライスラー スーパーボウルCM 2014 アメリカの輸入車 クライスラー スーパーボウルCM 2014 輸入アメリカ(ババディラン裏書 (Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial 2014 - America's Import 克萊斯勒2014超級盃廣告:進口美國(巴布狄倫代言))

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