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Hello, everyone, Welcome to another video.
Now is there anything worse than the moment you go to switch on your newly acquired PC?
And nothing happens.
Okay, there probably is.
But it's not a very nice feeling than let's and it's exactly what happened to my friend people.
A second hand Emmett site.
No it Blade Gaming PC from C E.
X, and it was running fine for a couple of days until he decided to open it up, remove some of the dust on attempt a little bit of cable management.
Since then, it hasn't switched on for him at or, and he's worried that you may have broken something in the cleaning process, so I said I'd take a look for him on dhe.
I thought, I don't bring you guys along for the ride as well to see what's up with this gaming machine.
Now this Emma Sinai plate features a painting G 30 to 58 1 of my all time favorite Si, pues.
Though admittedly one, it's not entirely all that capable anymore, as well as on in video or MSR duty 7 30 an entry level card that should still be okay when it comes to handling a few lightweight or EA sports titles at lower settings.
Now, my friend doesn't really play mattress side from Grand Theft Auto, Vice City and San Andres, and I don't blame him.
They're both fantastic games.
So he really didn't need that much horsepower under the hood.
And he liked the design of these old M S I system.
So let's get into it.
Talk about what I did in an attempt to fix this thing and discuss what turned out to be a much simpler solution to this problem.
And I had initially imagined.
This thing is why I didn't have time to make a Sunday Tech talk video yesterday.
As you can see, before investigating further, I decided to give it a quick test, just in case it wanted to miraculously spring into life on nothing.
First things first, then on the side panel would have to come off.
It's certainly looking very tidy inside here now, and I was told by my mate that he pretty much stripped it down to clean every component.
That's always a good idea, especially if you're buying a second hand PC.
But it meant that any one of these parts could have suffered damage.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, the best thing to do is to take everything out of the case and test all of your components individually.
It's a long winded and frustrating process, especially if you don't have another PC to test it with.
But it's the only way to find the culprit.
I started with the graphics card, the four gig DDR three GT 7 30 If you ever consider buying one of these, opt for the G E.
D D R five version in ST as with all graphics cards.
After testing the incredible Simpson's hit and run for 10 minutes, I concluded that the card was working and doing so without issue.
I also removed the G 30 to 58 from the board and tested it in a spare 11 51 along with the RAM.
This was also working fine.
Surely, then the problem lied with the motherboard or power supply.
There was no way to avoid it.
The power supply would have to come out.
This is where I had my eureka moment.
Actually, I never felt so stupid and clever at the same time, being an I t X system.
I noticed the power supply wasn't in the traditional spot in the case, but tracing the cables back to the source gave me a good idea of where it was hiding.
To access it, we'd need to bring out the heavy machinery with the screwdriver in hand.
It was time to remove every screw I could see to try and get to that P s you.
That's the only problem with I t X cases.
They're a little more fiddly.
With this top part of the enclosure removed.
The problem became immediately apparent.
The power supply switch was set to the off position because this wasn't my mistake.
I didn't feel too silly about uploading this video on with permission from my friend.
I did so Plus, I thought it was worth making because I felt it's important to highlight that any PC problems you may have aren't always that bad.
Sometimes the fix is obvious or unexpected.
I also realized that the front panel connector wasn't hooked up.
So even if the P s U was turned on, the power button would do nothing.
So what actually happened to this cable?
Well, it was time to get up close and personal with the night blade.
After assessing the situation and studying all the cables in the case, I noticed that this one was sitting quite loosely on the bold.
It was still hooked up, but the connector didn't really match the motherboard head up.
Needless to say, I was over the moon when it fit perfectly on the cases top header.
But was this all it took to get things up and running while I went back in?
So it hooked up the mains cable and nervously press the power button.
And lo and behold, I was greeted by the loud rush of air sweeping through the case.
The DVD drive was also quite loud, but after hitting eject in Windows, it seems I received a free gift.
Maybe this was payment for helping a friend with the PC back to normal.
I run a few benchmark tests to see how these components held up in 2019 and it's safe to say the experience wasn't brilliant.
The Triple eight games I tried all struggled even at 7 20 p.
But when I got round to firing up CS go, the game performed okay, It's probably the four of the DDR 37 30.
Like I say, the Jew DDR five version would be better.
I was actually a little disappointed.
The fix wasn't more difficult because it would have probably made for a more interesting video.
But I've still got a huge smile on my face as I say the following and humiliate my friend in front of thousands of people.
Bradley, you left the power switch off, you moron.
See, seriously, though it goes to show that all computer related problems aren't always serious and what seems like a difficult fix, it first could just be a minor problem that's been hastily overlooked with all that said and done, Thank you very much for watching.
I hope you've enjoyed this video lever like on it.


Fixing My Friend's "Dead" MSI Nightblade Gaming PC...

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