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I was telling the audience before the show that I'm such a big fan of years and there's so many of your movies where I can recite lines and I realized, actually went in and was talking to about Barton Fink and how your specific luncheon Burton thinking how you know them.
And I know the timing of them.
And I thought, You must get this all the time.
You probably have people coming up to all the time and they've memorized lines of yours from movies.
Well, yeah, and when people know the lines, you know most of them.
I I've heard like I remember, right.
But I remember one time a guy I was in Vegas and the guy came up to me with his girlfriend and he said, My character's name from the Big Lebowski.
Like his last name, which I never even learned his last name.
It only gets I think John Goodman mentions it in the eulogy, right.
It comes from a like in the film, right?
You have to be a super fan.
Yeah, I mean, you'd have to, because your whole name has never said no in the whole movie, except I think at one point in the movie and if you have to really be listening for it.
So this fan came up and said He said my last name in it and and started talking about the character.
And I didn't know what he was talking about.
And he got so embarrassed in front of his girlfriend.
And then he was looking at me like I was really pissed off at me like, Why are you doing this to you know what I'm talking about?
Donald Carry boxes, you know?
Yeah, like I didn't know.
Yeah, I was just Donnie.
This is why I wasn't allowed to hang out with you for 70 years.
No, it's true.
I have people that there because I work for the on The Simpsons years and years ago.
There people that know everything about The Simpsons and they'll come up and they'll start saying stuff to me, and I haven't I left to do this show 27 years ago, and so they'll be like, Yeah, because that would be like, Wait, who's the bus driver like?
They get mad, like, how could you not know?
It's auto.
And I'm like, if you say so and then I say, Who's the boy?


Steve Buscemi Doesn't Know His "Big Lebowski" Character's Full Name - CONAN on TBS

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