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  • not me, honey.

  • You just lost your comments on those extra.

  • He had a career in my nose.

  • Well, well.

  • On dealer.

  • Lots of gizmos.

  • No, I don't know.

  • No, they sent.

  • There will be no some terrible master.

  • See?

  • Okay, come in front.

  • If the says who next is this All I care?

  • That means Dita because he has no sense any in and out, like a mad miss.

  • Pardon my saying analysts combo.

  • Yeah, so nobles covers.

  • So that goes for public stance.

  • Get less elaborate.

  • They respond to their senses back.

  • Christine, they call me, sued us.

  • They won't see that.

  • Your okay, Say the ladder.

  • Not this beauty.

  • Yeah, they have been Really?

  • Yeah, some bread.

  • And because I want a party.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, I don't mean the same.

  • I don't know.

  • Well, Mexico, we don't support it in the colonial for the state who they're with, you can have a split the country with no toes.

  • Those who are they gonna put stolen, you know, sort of important.

  • Come inside.

  • Remember the satellites and second car, Mr Attendances Basket gorilla charities sandwiches.

  • I'm gonna put over me.

  • Yes.

  • L am a gonna pull the wasn't my taxi for the Millers for maintenance and state more was in this car, but on the whole complex Young You look at the animals and political points.

  • No.

  • Stay out of this October in those don't what we may.

not me, honey.


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パフォーマンス:閾値から:アロン・リベラとアレハンドラ・カブラル| TEDxAvMorelos (Performance: Desde el umbral | Áron Rivera y Alejandra Cabral. | TEDxAvMorelos)

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