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  • you participate?

  • You attended an Alec Baldwin roast, but you went as a character.

  • You went as Alec Baldwin's brother.

  • One of his brothers, Yes, but it was an unknown brother that we don't know about.

  • What's the name of this brother?

  • Karl Heinz Baldwin.

  • Baldwin.

  • Do we have a picture of Karlheinz Bohm?

  • Lines is a six brother off the Baldwin family, and he was forgotten in an Austrian large in the late eighties.

  • Yeah, it's like the film home alone with Carly Michael Maki Muffin.

  • Karl Heinz is like this man.

  • Except he grew up in Germany.

  • Yeah, and so all of the Alec Baldwin films are so many, they would come to Germany.

  • And Alec.

  • It's like I'm not going to do these.

  • Let's throw these two Karl Heinz.

  • And so Karl Heinz is in lots of Baldwin brother movie.

  • All right.

  • Oh, so many.

  • So many.

  • Give me Okay.

  • Like for example?

  • Oh, of course, that the hunt for red October he was in the the German version of Hunt for Red October.

  • Yes, it translates to unhinge ahead because a boat yard I knock into hell together.

  • A boat.

  • This translates to a sneaky submarine chases on even sneakier submarine.

  • Okay, What a waste of my time and the world's time.

  • Watch it.

  • There is a nice scene underwater.

  • Sure there is.

  • What other movies?

  • Of course.

  • All of the Baldwin brothers need some German firms.

  • And so, Steven, heads of Finn Backdraft.

  • Right.

  • Remember, this was firefighters.

  • Yes.

  • What's was this?

  • What was that?

  • That is fire.

  • That's fire.

  • You're not on my short rates team.

  • I don't know what does the go go, girls, Come on.

  • I never do that.

  • And you had no fire in a fire.

  • Water bad.

  • Okay, so anyways, a fin backdraft.

  • I was in a desk, Karlheinz.

  • It's called a fashionista ex demon event.

  • Delicious for you.

  • Would that mean sweaty ax man runs through fire?

  • Oh, yes.

  • He sound like movies that are not as good as the ones they're basically.

  • I beg do not agree with that statement.

  • Okay.

  • And then there's a final one.

  • Yes, of course, Boss Baby, which I am in it as Lula.

  • But as Karl Heinz Baldwin, I'm in the German film.

  • I have it here for you.

  • This is give it to you.

  • Look at that right there.

  • You're in the German version of Boss.

  • Baby.

  • That's fantastic.

  • A very sugar pie keeper changed implausibly.

  • Young employer.

  • Yeah, very nice.

  • I only brought one copy.

  • Andy.

  • Do Would you like to borrow it?

  • Library?

  • Yeah.

  • He'll never see it.

you participate?


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