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  • I strongly disagree.

  • They are shiny. They are gold.

  • Look how cute these are.

  • They are so shiny

  • Okay, lets get the ones you need first.

  • I saw that outfit somewhere

  • Uh, didn't Sharla-San wear that kind of stuff?

  • R: Yeah

  • It's 13 dollars. And look how big it is!

  • What is this?

  • R:Oh

  • Wanna try that on?

  • Yeah, I guess I kinda have to now.

  • Look, I have a little baby kangaroo.

  • And turn around.

  • Do you see this sign?

  • J: Oh, Japan.

  • Oh, Japan.

  • What the f*** Japan?

  • There is a special zipper in the back!

  • This one is kinda cute.

  • It's like short....

  • It's short shorts but it's got the special...

  • Where in the planet am I ever going to see something like this again?

  • It has full footies

  • Full gloves and feet

  • Why?

  • Why?

  • I wonder how many of those have they sold already

  • I want them all

  • Would you go outside with me if I bought a coat like this?

  • Jun and I have a strong disagreement on leopard print

  • I don't think Japanese people know that this means

  • that this is marijuana

  • But marijuana is so illegal here in Japan

  • You know what these are?

  • Do you know what anime these are?

  • Oh, just random characters?

  • Are these

  • Is this a pillow case or sheets?

  • Are these bed sheets?

  • It just makes me uncomfortable

  • It's Jun's favorite manga

  • Of all time

  • I.... I still think Sai is a girl.

  • Do you know who she is?

  • I have no idea

  • Costumes.... I guess they are halloween costumes

  • I like the Alice in Wonderland one

  • Many as you can hold for 2 dollars

  • J: As long as you can put

  • Oh as long as you can put it in the bag?

  • Into the bag

  • But how can you put these things

  • In this bag?

  • I love the seal

  • Oh my god, it's so cute!

  • He's so chubby

  • I have that at home

  • But yeah, I think he will be a nice pillow.

  • Jun. Jun, it's a wrestling panda

  • I am going to unmask him

  • Ahh secret identity

  • Who is it?

  • Who is it?

  • It's panda

I strongly disagree.


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Japanese thrift shop treasures? 日本の変態コス?古着屋 (買取王国) (Japanese thrift shop treasures? 日本の変態コス?古着屋 (買取王国))

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