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  • Today we're in Nagoya (because usually we take a video in a semi-rural city) but this

  • is the actual city part of Nagoya.

  • We're at a specific station called Sakae and one of

  • the places we wanted to show is called Oasis 21.

  • And it's this shopping center here!

  • And a lot of foreigners visit this place so if you come here this

  • is one of the main shopping centers that people go to in Nagoya.

  • It's really cool because it has a pool on the roof and on the

  • bottom floor they always have something exciting going on.

  • Sometimes they're even filming TV shows and things like that.

  • So that's what we're going to show you today!

  • Here you can see like typically they--I don't know if they have more in back stock but they

  • always only have like one of each size out on the racks.

  • Sometimes it seems like you can only buy one and then it's gone forever.

  • Well, those--they have more over there.

  • Maybe they're in storage?

  • Yeah, that's kind of what I wondered, too.

  • But some of them they have more than one. I guess.

  • I think it depends on how big the store is I think. That's true.

  • Like when you get to Uniqlo they have a ton of them.

  • Well, yeah Uniqlo--they would have a lot.

  • They're have like bar seating at McDonald's!

  • It's kind of cute, actually.

  • It looks like almost all of it is bar seating.

  • As always there's Starbucks coffee!

  • In the summer, especially here, it can be really hard to find a place to sit down.

  • Even if you get food.

  • It's another bakery!

  • Actually that goes for a lot of places in the summer in Japan.

  • Especially if they get really busy like here.

  • Sometimes you have to wait a long time to get seating or you find a table and

  • then you put all of your stuff on the table and then you order your food.

  • Like people will just leave their purses on the table.

  • And walk away. And no one steals their stuff.

  • We found the Ghibli store!

  • There are so many Jiji!

  • Oh my gosh, is this for the cat bus?

  • Nekobasu. $210.

  • Cute.

  • I kind of want this to display in our genkani.

  • That'd be nice.

  • I thought about getting it before but it was sold out.

  • I'd wanna put real plants in there.

  • This is awesome.

  • Tape dispenser!

  • Jump shop!

  • They have a whole shop for Shonen Jump manga merchandise.

  • I don't think we're allowed to take videos inside, though.

  • Yeah, even looking out here you can just see how

  • much stuff they have they have for Shonen Jump.

  • I remember coming here! I can't believe I forgot.

  • I swear there used to be a Pokemon store here!

  • Really?

  • I swear it was here!

  • It was right across from the Ghibli store and the Shonen Jump store.

  • Mmkay. Now it's Willcom!

  • I guess maybe they just got rid of it? Maybe it was just a one time thing?

  • Maybe they moved.

  • I know it was there! I went inside!

  • We're going up!

  • The top is called "Spaceship Aqua."

  • Oh! There really is water.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about these weird benches.

  • You can't sit on these!

  • Oh! It's coming over the edge.

  • So I guess this is the Sakae exit off of... What's the subway line?

  • Higashiyama-sen. Ah, Higashiyama-sen.

  • And Exit 4 is Oasis 21.

  • Central Park! They have people performing here all the time.

  • Amateurs perform music here all the time.

  • Yeah, so that's pretty cool, too.

  • It's so close! And big. o_o

  • Big?

  • Oh, it flew away.

Today we're in Nagoya (because usually we take a video in a semi-rural city) but this


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Oasis 21 ~outdoor shopping center~ 【オアシス21】日英字幕 (Oasis 21 ~outdoor shopping center~ 【オアシス21】日英字幕)

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