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  • Now I'm gonna kick for that.

  • Okay?

  • Why's the door long?

  • Why don't we have the fucking door open?

  • Prison, isn't it?

  • Prisoners or not, this system is doing my nut in just screwing up.

  • Any chance of getting anything done efficiently and what we like?

  • We do go into production.

  • We are opening a locker, my car for a talking board ladles because they're not coming for these guys gonna do with the board.

  • Lawrence number six box.

  • It's the moment of truth.

  • Time to get the knives out.

  • Yeah, if we're gonna make any money out of this kitchen, my brigade have to have the tools to do the job, However dangerous they may be.

  • Next number.

  • Times like this.

  • I wish you guys were just Internet fraud.

  • No young times got Internet fraud.

  • I can have the whole thing open every day.

  • No one's here to try and play a round of knives.

  • I've seen anyone behaving as if they want to use the knife for miscellaneous, a knife or anything.

  • I understand it in no kitchen in this kitchen.

  • I've got criminals, not chefs.

  • One of them, Lawrence Gibbons, has got a list of convictions as long as my arm first.

  • I don't know, man.

  • I needed some money.

  • I said when I was your rights, that robbing banks when I got arrested on Cannery Prison on the moment moment.

  • Come up and visit the country starting tonight.

  • You never talked to get a little media.

  • The guy's 45 years of age.

  • He stuck in his ways, and I've seen what bloody do I mean?

  • You can draft, but he has a temper.

  • Big time guys taste as well.

  • Don't you know, was tasting?

  • Yeah, for this business to work or my brigade have got to become a team.

  • But Lawrence can't seem to work alongside Renny Smith, not me.

  • Seriously, come to my Charlie.

  • What?

  • Charlie?

  • It's like, What about that?

  • Sometimes when you work on a wing, the atmosphere changes and it's a very subtle change.

  • It feels unsettled.

  • Place can erupt, like sometimes it's over the slightest.

  • Theo, wait.

  • Come on, smooth.

  • I don't know.

Now I'm gonna kick for that.


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