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  • Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at Anglo-Link.

  • Today we're going to review and practise some common daily expressions to help you with your fluency.

  • You will have already seen some of these expressions in my video entitled: 'Offers, Gratitude, Apologies and Requests'

  • and I've added a few new ones as well.

  • You can use this video both for listening and speaking practice.

  • To improve your listening skills, have some paper and a pen ready,

  • start the video when you're ready, listen to the sentence that I'm going to read for you twice,

  • stop the video and write down what you've heard.

  • Then start the video again and compare what you've written down to what you will see on your screen.

  • Then to practice your pronunciation and your fluency, start the video again,

  • and choose any sentence that you want and repeat it as many times as you want.

  • By the end of this video, you will have practiced both your listening and speaking,

  • and you will be able to use these common daily expressions reflexively.

  • So. When you're ready, we can begin!

Hello and welcome everyone. This is Minoo at Anglo-Link.


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日常生活でよく使われる表現#2|英語のリスニング&スピーキング練習 (Common Daily Expressions #2 | English Listening & Speaking Practice)

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