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  • Hey, what's up, guys?

  • Splashed, even cheer.

  • And today I want to take a look at, um, you know, just a something that's that's going on in the world right now.

  • Um, Cove in 19.

  • Kind of taking the world by storm.

  • And, uh, I just think like people need to chill out a little bit because it's like it's only affecting the week.

  • You don't need to stockpile your like your odds and ends like this is fucking daisy or Tark off here.

  • Like your staff.

  • You don't need to go see proper, uh, you know, a week from now because you're at a fucking toilet paper.

  • But recently, there's there's some some crazy stuff going on.

  • It's like black Friday every day, but for, like, regular household ingredients.

  • And I just think it's really don't want to show you.

  • Is this wait?

  • Excuse me.

  • I just want one.

  • You know what?

  • What?

  • I e everyone.

  • Oh, you're British.

  • Goto help!

  • Um, no, but, uh, I can't like, first of all we got like what?

  • Hold on this lady.

  • I get it like you're in Britain or wherever.

  • This places where they have the accent.

  • And, um, it's starting it's on.

  • It's on that side of the world, right?

  • Like it's it's kind of popular.

  • It's not.

  • It's not like over here in North America where, like, toilet paper is completely still sold up Little.

  • Just ignore that for right now.

  • But, like, why?

  • Why there is There is no reason you can't hand this woman one, and I don't care about who hit who or what's like.

  • You know, the legality or anything is going on here.

  • It's just you're you're you're taking.

  • You're taking all of this all of this right here.

  • And you have, like, why?

  • And then this'll Guy looks like he works at Red Lobster comes in and he's just like our our you know, whats all this, then?

  • All right, let's let's let's get on out of here.

  • And then the security guard comes in and deals with it, but I don't think that works here anything.

  • He certainly doesn't look like it like, but this woman least looks like she has some kind of like, Ah, 40 in the area.

  • Uh, but you guys, I just I just want to show you this.

  • I don't know if this will be called a like, Welcome to the world Video or something.

  • But this is what's currently happening.

  • And it's just it's just awful.

  • Like I'm so tired of people being afraid of everything.

  • Um, just doing stupid stuff like this.

  • Um, you guys, that's what I had for you today.

  • Daily uploads will continue, and, uh, yeah, So you guys want to see you guys, please, please.

Hey, what's up, guys?


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