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Ever been told you need a social media campaign?
With the number of social platforms available, people often overlook the power of YouTube.
Did you know?
Over 85% of the total U.S. internet audience views online video.
Of that, YouTube provides almost half.
In fact, YouTube hosts over 144 million unique viewers each month, which is equivalent to
over one-third of the entire U.S. population.
In turn this generates nearly 100 video views per person, per month.
Which translates to fifteen minutes a day.
If that isn't enough, in 60 days, more video content is up uploaded to YouTube than the
three major networks uploaded in sixty years.
This translates to two million hours worth of content.
With this volume of traffic, it is no wonder YouTube has surpassed Yahoo as the number
two search engine.
Google purchased YouTube in 2006, which allows for a higher chance of reaching page one in
a Google search.
Aside from increasing your search results, YouTube's video page action bar allows for
cross-platform interactivity and social networking.
Connect and syndicate your YouTube content across a number of social networks, so all
your contacts are updated instantly.
YouTube is also a social network.
Subscribe to channels, add friends, and comment on videos, all so that you can bond with your
target audience.
Still not convinced of YouTube's social marketing power? Viewers can now consume your content
through home television sets and mobile phones.
YouTube's mobile site offers up to one hundred million videos, and the numbers continue to
So, there you have it, marketing on YouTube equates to traffic, SEO, increased social
networking opportunities, and reach.
Let the social media team and Blast Media handle your next online video campaign. Start
profiting from YouTube today!


Social Media Marketing with YouTube: Why? - BLASTmedia

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