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  • The thriving city of Nagasaki


  • is cradled in the lush western mountains of Japan’s Kyushu Island.

    日本の九州にあり 西側には緑豊かな山々があります

  • An 8-hour bullet train from Tokyo,

    東京からは新幹線で 8 時間

  • this charmingly diverse city lies on the edge of a scenic channel

    魅力に溢れた個性的な街は 眺めのよい海峡である角力灘の

  • of the Sumo-nada Sea.


  • In a nation isolated from the outside world for generations,

    何世代にもわたって 鎖国政策を取った国にあって

  • Nagasaki was a gateway,


  • through which knowledge and resources flowed to and from the rest of the globe.

    諸外国との間で知識や物品の やり取りが行われました

  • This historic harbor city is now a dynamic fusion of Japanese sophistication,

    この歴史ある港町では 洗練された日本文化と

  • which co-exists and harmonizes with elements of overseas cultures and faiths.

    海外からもたらされた文化や信仰が 調和し 共存しています

  • To much of the world, the name Nagasaki


  • is bound to one of the most devastating events in modern history.

    現代史における衝撃的な出来事と 深く結び付いています

  • At 11:02 am on August 9th, 1945,

    1945 年 8 月 9 日の午前11 時 2 分

  • World War Two’s second atomic bomb, “Fat Man,” was detonated over the city.

    第二次世界大戦の 2 発目の原子爆弾 「ファットマン」がこの街の上空で炸裂しました

  • Tens of thousands perished,


  • and most of the northern valley was reduced to rubble and ash.

    谷の北側のほとんどが 灰燼に帰しました

  • At the Peace Park in the Urakami District,


  • a dark pillar stands under the exact location of the bomb’s detonation.

    正確な爆心地とされる場所に 柱が立てられています

  • Take in the surrounding art and statues,


  • and reflect on the horror of the blast and its aftermath.


  • Take a short walk to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum,

    しばらく歩いた先には 長崎原爆資料館があります

  • founded in remembrance to all those who perished.


  • Just across the road from the museum is The Memorial Hall.

    道路を挟んだ向かい側にあるのは 荘厳なガラスが印象的な追悼記念館

  • Meditate in the solemn glasshouse,


  • and leave a message of peace before you continue on your journey.

    平和のメッセージを残してから 旅を続けましょう

  • Discover a serene refuge from Nagasaki’s often-confronting history

    長崎が直面した歴史 これを静かに語る証人は山王神社で

  • at the Sanno Shrine.


  • These 500-year old camphor trees were a surprising survivor of the blast,

    500 年の樹齢を誇るクスノキは 原爆に耐えて驚くべき生命力を発揮

  • and stood strong when nuclear winds flattened this part of the city.

    爆風でこの地が壊滅した後も 力強く立ち続けました

  • Today, they remain a symbol of Nagasaki’s resilience.


  • Despite all odds,


  • greenery sprang forth within a few months of the detonation,

    被爆の数カ月後には 植物が芽吹く力を発揮し

  • giving hope to those who were spared.


  • The city’s surviving residents put aside old quarrels


  • and banded together irrespective of cultural and religious differences.

    文化や信仰の違いを超えて 一丸となりました

  • Historical monuments were painstakingly rebuilt,


  • and brick by brick, season by season,


  • the Nagasaki way of life was restored.


  • Today, Nagasaki invites visitors to look beyond its atomic story;

    現在 長崎の街は原爆以外の面でも 旅人達を惹き付けています

  • this is a city whose earliest chapters are filled with riches,

    この街には元々 豊かな歴史があります

  • and whose future pages are written with the ink of inspiration and hope.

    そしてこの街の未来は 創造と希望によって描かれています

  • Travel to the harbor,


  • the historic gateway which has brought travellers

    400 年以上にわたってこの国にやって来る旅人や

  • and trade to the nation’s shores for over 400 years.


  • While away an afternoon in Nagasaki Seaside Park


  • and watch as ships cruise in and out of the channel.


  • This is a place of relaxation and recreation,


  • where locals unwind and enjoy their beautiful city.

    地元の人もゆっくり過ごし 美しい街の眺めを楽しんでいます

  • Take a tour from the harbor to Hashima Island,


  • an eerie landmass which was once home to miners and their families.

    端島は以前は炭鉱の島で 労働者の住宅が残っている不気味な島です

  • The island was deserted almost overnight in the mid 1970s

    1970 年代半ば 石炭の枯渇によって炭鉱は閉山となり

  • when coal reserves ran dry.


  • Explore the crumbling buildings,


  • listen to the echoes of those that called this island home,

    この島に住んだ人々の声に 耳を澄ませてみましょう

  • and dredge up whispers of the hardships


  • which once occurred beneath the rocky surface.


  • Back on the mainland,


  • savor steaming fusions of Japanese and Chinese cuisine

    新地中華街での 日本料理と中国料理が

  • in the Shinchi Chinatown District.


  • After filling your belly,


  • fill your shopping bags in the Hamamachi Arcade.

    次は浜町アーケードで ショッピング

  • This warren of wellness, fashion and sweet shops is a favorite of Nagasaki,

    美容や健康 ファッション そして菓子店などが迷路のように入り組み

  • and the perfect place to immerse yourself in the city’s modern culture.

    長崎の現代の文化に浸ることができる 人気のある楽しい場所です

  • Ride the trade winds north to the Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture.

    貿易風に導かれて北へ向かうと そこは長崎歴史文化博物館

  • Discover the fascinating story of how


  • new faiths and peoples boosted the city’s economy,


  • and helped Nagasaki become the multicultural beacon that it is today.

    そして長崎が今日も多文化社会の 牽引役となっている理由が分かります

  • Refresh your mind and spirit amidst the tranquil gardens of Sofuku-ji.

    心をリフレッシュさせたいなら 崇福寺の静かな庭園へ

  • This hillside Zen temple was built by Chinese merchants


  • who settled at the port in the 17th century.

    17 世紀にこの港町に定住した中国商人たち

  • Faith is the lifeblood of Nagasaki.


  • For centuries, conflict reigned between followers of different beliefs.

    異なる宗教の信者の間では 何世紀にもわたって衝突がありました

  • But since the city’s total obliteration,


  • its people have united in a single prayer that transcends religion.

    人々は宗教を超えた 1 人の祈る人として団結しました

  • A prayer for peace.


  • To the north-east,


  • a relic of traditional Shinto times


  • lies at the base of leafy Mount Tamazono-San.


  • The Suwa Shrine can be traced back 500 years

    諏訪神社は 500 年の歴史があり

  • and is believed to be the ancient dwelling place of three kami spirits,

    神道の聖なる 3 柱の神が鎮座する

  • the sacred gods of the Shinto faith.


  • As your journey reaches its peak,


  • climb to one of the most epic vantage points in Japan, Mount Inasa-yama.

    日本有数の素晴らしい眺めが 楽しめる稲佐山に登ってみましょう

  • This mountain’s protective embrace helped shield much of Nagasaki

    市街地を守るように聳えるこの山のおかげで 山の背後にあった地域は

  • from the devastating atomic winds and today it continues to watch over the city.

    原爆の爆風による被害を免れました 現在も変わりなく市街地を見下ろしています

  • Gaze out in awe at the incredible beauty of a city, reborn.

    畏敬の念を抱いて美しい街を 眺めれば生まれ変わった気分になります

  • Nagasaki has become a beacon of hope,


  • stepping out from the shadows of one of history’s darkest days

    輝かしい新しい未来へと 踏み出したことで

  • and into a bright, new future.


  • Though great suffering is woven into the fabric of this city,

    大きな傷跡は市内のあちこちに 今も残されていますが

  • its light of creativity, tolerance,

    この街の創造性 忍耐

  • and forgiveness is leading the rest of the world on a pathway to peace.

    そして寛容さは 世界の国々が平和へと進む道を導いています

The thriving city of Nagasaki



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