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-Guy, it's fourth season of "How I Built This"?
That's amazing. -Crazy, right?
-It's so -- You've talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs,
successful entrepreneurs,
and it's the best show that I listen to.
I love it so much.
Seriously, I would say it without you here.
It's my favorite podcast.
I love it so much. It is really amazing.
You do such a great job.
What -- What do they all have in common?
Is there one thing that these entrepreneurs have in common?
-You know, really what they have in common
is ability to withstand rejection, right?
Like, if you are an entrepreneur and you've got this idea,
you might go to a thousand people,
and 900 of them will say, "This is a stupid idea."
Or 900 of them will say,
"I'm not interested in investing or giving you money,"
and you have to be willing to tell that story
again and again and again
and to hear no again and again.
-Rejection. -Rejection.
Believe it or not, a lot of Mormons
have developed this skill.
Yeah. Mormons.
-You say Mormons... -Mormons, yeah.
-...are great entrepreneurs?
-Well, so we did an episode with David Neeleman.
He founded JetBlue.
He founded -- co-founded WestJet and Azul Airways,
and he's Mormon and he has this theory, which is --
You know, a lot of young Mormons
go on these missions for two years, right?
And they're sent around the world and --
to talk about "The Book of Mormon,"
and they will go to a thousand homes a week,
and 990 doors will slam in their faces, right,
as they're trying to, you know, spread the word.
And his theory is that they develop this resiliency,
this resiliency towards rejection.
After withstanding all this rejection --
-They're training. -Yeah, they're training.
So, the idea behind it is that you can learn
how to cope with rejection,
and if you can figure that out, you can be a great entrepreneur.
-It's so fascinating, all these stories.
You listen to this podcast,
and at the end you feel like a million bucks,
even though, you know, these guys
are actually making a million bucks, but like --
-Or billions. -Or billion bucks.
But it just makes you feel so good
because you hear the struggle and you feel --
you hear these stories, like, "Oh, it's all over.
I can't do it.
My life is ruined," and then something happens.
If you don't give up, never give up, something clicks,
and all of a sudden you're back --
like the Tate's Cookies.
-Tate's Cookies. You know those cookies?
-Those are my favorite cookies ever.
If you don't know Tate's Cookies, get them.
They're awesome. They're really thin, crispy.
They're good. -Yeah, they're amazing.
Underrated cookies. -Explain the story.
-All right, so Kathleen King starts this bakery
when she's 19 years-old.
Super successful. It's called Kathleen's Cookies.
At the age of 40, she decides
that she wants to kind of wind down a little bit.
She brings on some partners,
and within a year, the partnership is a disaster.
The business collapses, fails.
She's left bankrupt
and loses the ability to use the name Kathleen's Cookies.
-'Cause she sold it off. -'Cause she sold it off.
So, at age 42 -- -She can't even use her name.
-She has to start all over again.
-42 years old. -42 years old.
Builds this brand called Tate's Bake Shop,
named after her father.
It was his nickname.
18 years later, she sold that company to Mondelez,
which is the company that has Chips Ahoy! and Oreo cookies,
for half a billion dollars.
She was broke at age 42.
18 years later --
-This is, like -- -It's incredible.
-It's just fascinating. -It's amazing.


How I Built This' Guy Raz Explains Why Mormons Make Great Entrepreneurs

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 14 日 に公開
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