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Bloom has two minutes.
I will uh, commissioner Mr President, I rise again.
I'm afraid to make the Sebold Hori speech that I'd be making here for several years.
And that is it is my opinion that you do not really understand the concept of banking.
All the banks are broke.
Bank Santander, Deutsche Bank, Roll Bank of Scotland.
They're all broke on.
Why are they broke?
It isn't an act of God.
It isn't some sort of tsunami that broke because we have a system called fractional reserve banking, which means that banks can lend money that they don't actually have.
It's a criminal scandal and it's been going on for too long toe.
Add to that problem you have moral hazard.
A very significant moral hazard from the political sphere.
Most of the problem starts in politics and central banks, which a part of the same political system we have counterfeiting, sometimes called quantitative easing.
But counterfeiting by any other name, the artificial printing of money, which of any ordinary person did that go to prison for a very long time?
Annette, governments and central banks do it all the time.
Central banks repressed the amount of interest that rate rates are so we don't have the real cost of money.
And yet we blame the real retail banks for manipulating, lie born.
The sheer effrontery of this is quite astonishing.
Its central banks.
It's central banks that manipulate interest rates.
Commissioner on.
Plus, Underneath all this, we talk loosely in a rather cavalier fashion.
Do we not about deposit guarantees?
So when banks go broke through their own incompetence and chicane Nery, the taxpayer picks up the tab.
It's theft from the taxpayer on until we start sending bankers and I include central bankers on politicians to prison for this outrage, it will continue.


SubSudio's Godfrey Bloom News Report 2020

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 13 日 に公開
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