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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's New Life in Canada has reportedly done wonders for their marriage.
The couple is reportedly enjoying their time away from the UK in distress that comes along with being a member of the royal family.
Since the couple announced their plan to step back from their senior duties, they have been putting down new routes in North American and taking advantage of their newfound privacy.
A source told people that Meghan and Harry are looking forward to distancing themselves from the royal family.
It was just this tremendous shift.
When Meghan returned to Canada after their announcement, an insider revealed you could tell that she felt so much less stressed, the tipster added.
Instead of resigning at Frogmore in Windsor, Meghan, Prince Harry and their baby boy Archie have been reportedly staying in a $14 million mansion on Vancouver Island.
They are enjoying living a quiet life, the source revealed.
They go for long walks, they do yoga and Megan cooks.
They, our real home buddies who loved to chill out with RG and the Daleks.
The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly happy that her new life allows her to spend more time with her son RG is the priority.
It's very much still about taking care of him and putting the family first.
He's a happy kid.
He loves to laugh.
The friend claimed.
RG and Harry have such a good time together, and Meghan is a great mom.
She's very much about tending to him.
They are trying to live their life as regular parents.
Since relocating to Canada, Meghan has been able to spend time with several friends, including Janina given Kerr and her suit's costar, Abigail Spencer.


Meghan Markle distraught when Prince Harry left Canada with Archie after settle Divorce application

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