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Royal wedding crisis Fears Meghan and Harry Sideshow will overshadow Beatrice is big day.
No one would be happy if it turned into a Sussex sideshow.
Prince Harry and Meghan would normally expect to be among the senior family guests when Beatrice and property tycoon adored Oma Pelley Mosey get married in the Chapel Royal in ST James Palace on May 29th.
But some in the family fear their presence could overshadow the nuptials, which will be watched proudly by Andrew and ex wife Sarah Ferguson.
Prince Andrew is under pressure to invite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to his daughter.
Beatrice is wedding in May, but many fear the event will become the Harry and Meghan show.
Harry and Megan were accused of hijacking.
Beatrice is Sister You Ginny's Wedding to Jack Brooks Bank in 2018.
Then the Sussex is announced Megan's Pregnancy to the royal family.
As they gathered for the service in ST George's Chapel, Windsor, one friend of the Yorks explained, The last thing Andrew and Sarah want is for what should be their daughters.
Happiest day to turn into another episode of the non stop Harry and Meghan show.
However, they will be there if the queen absolutely insisted Beatrice and Gordo's wedding has already been postponed once following Andrews catastrophic TV interview over his friendship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Instead of a large public event at ST George's Chapel, the wedding will be held in a smaller royal chapel with a reception hosted by the queen at Buckingham Palace.
A maximum of 150 guests will be able to attend the ceremony, which is being described as Loki and intimate by the palace.
One corner said Beatrice and Harry are cousins and it would be natural for him to go to her wedding, but no one would be happy if they turned into a Sussex sideshow.
The situation hasn't been helped by claims.
That Meghan was horrified by Andrew's description of sex is a positive act for men.
In the BBC interview with Emily Maple, it's about his role in the Epstein scandal.
It comes as the queen is reportedly keen for Beatrice and Eugenia to carry out more public engagements for the family following the decision by Harry and Meghan to step back.
A senior Royals accordion are reportedly said.
Her Majesty thinks that her granddaughter should attend more royal events and carry out more duties.
Meanwhile, experts estimate Harry and Megan could have made up to £500,000 from what may have been their first paid for event last week.
The couple, who have vowed to become financially independent, surfaced in Miami on Thursday to attend a conference hosted by international bankers J.
The Duke spoke of the years he has spent in therapy to help him cope with the death of his mother, Princess Diana.
The event, at one Hotel South Beach in the Cities trendy Art Deco district, has been dubbed billionaire school.
It was aimed at getting tycoons to mix with talented creatives as a way of generating business.
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Royal wedding crisis: Fears Meghan and Harry 'sideshow' will overshadow Beatrice’s big day

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