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My name is Chad Grotegut, I'm a maternal-fetal medicine specialist,
which is a high-risk obstetrician.
Duke is a very special place for women with high-risk pregnancies.
We're lucky that we get to work
with a wide range of providers that have expertise.
Whether it's, part of our job is that we take care of women who have medical
complications that, medical conditions that may complicate their pregnancy.
In doing that, we work closely with some specialists and cardiology,
endocrinology, rheumatology.
And Duke has great providers in all of these specialties that we work closely
with, that allow us to do our job.
And secondly, on the prenatal diagnosis side,
is we often identify issues in the pregnancy, such as congenital anomalies.
And there’s a great group of pediatric surgeons that we work with that see our
patients throughout their pregnancy and help us following delivery.
I chose obstetrics and gynecology,
first, because I just absolutely love delivering babies.
What a fun thing to do.
When you think about life events for families, the birth of their
children is one of those events that they forever will remember.
And to be able to be part of that is such a, just a unique opportunity.
In doing that I learned there's a lot of women and
families that have situations that complicate their pregnancy and delivery.
And to be able to help them through that is again a great opportunity.


Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist: Chad A. Grotegut, MD, MHSc

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