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Mitchell Starc travels over 10,000 kms teacher for wife Elissa Healy in women's D 20 World Cup final Elissa Healy smashed 75 off 39 balls to provide Australia with a blazing start in the ongoing women's D 20 World Cup final against India round Sunday.
Mitchell Starc missed the third or D versus South Africa to watch the women's D 20 World Cup final.
In merriment, Stark's wife Elissa Healy smashed 75 runs off 39 balls after Australia elected to bat first, really smashed the fastest 50 and a T 20 World Cup final and the second fastest overall in the tournament.
Elissa Healy made sure to make her husband Mitchell stocks long trip from South Africa worth the effort with a blazing knock in the women's T 20 World Cup final against India round Sunday.
Stark reached Melbourne to watch the crucial game after deciding to skip the final OD against South Africa.
Healy smashed the fastest 50 and a T 20 World Cup final and loud tell 39 ball 75 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground after Australia won the toss and elected to bat first against first time finalists India she brought up the milestone in 30 balls, which is also the second fastest half century in women's D 20 World Cups.
The capacity crowd got to see a special knock from Healy on the same ground.
Very stark once said the stage on fire in the 50 over men's World Cup final against New Zealand five years ago, Stark were seen sharing his wife from the V I P box at the G.
India vs Australia lived score women's World Cup final.
Healy's performance in terms of the impact was quite similar to what Stark had done in 2000 and 15 when he castle black cap skipper Brendon McCullum in the first over with a brilliant yorker to start the Australian dominance.
He went on to grab the wicked off.
We could keep a Luke Ronchi later in the game as Australia Bowl the King grease out for 183 and then chased down the target with seven wickets inside 34 overs to clinch their fifth world title.
In men's cricket.
Heelys not could possibly be the defining performance in the game, just like stocks bowling effort.
Her skull was briefly the highest by a battle in women's D 20 World Cup final before Beth Money beat the record.
Healy also crossed 2000 runs in the former during the knock Healy and Beth Mooney later solid platform with an opening partnership worth 115 runs, which quite literally stunned home and preach God's side before they finally managed to grab pull things back a bit.
With that Hayat of grabbing Healy's Wickard, notably Healy, was dropped on nine in the first over itself by Shefali Verma at covered off the bowling off deep dish Irma.
She made sure to Roger Luck and went on to smash seven boundaries and five mammoth sixes.
Social media was abuzz with praise for Healy, coming from both sides as even Indians couldn't help.
But it off their hats off to the 29 year old.
We could keep a battle.
Australia eventually managed to post 184 44 on the board, with money remaining not out on 78 after he leaves 75 the P.
Sharma grabbed a couple of wickets for India.
Vile Poonam and Rod Hayat have picked a weaker teach.
Australia's total is the highest in a T 20 World Cup final match.
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Mitchell Starc travels over 10,000 Kms to cheer for wife Alyssa Healy in Women's T20 World Cup Fina

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