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-Let's take a look at this first example
of Rachel Maddow and Eric Trump.
Both wrote the caption,
"I promise I will get to the bottom of this."
Let's see the pictures they posted.
Rachel Maddow posted a photo of her interview with Lev Parnas.
Eric Trump posted a photo of a maze from "Highlights" magazine.
[ Laughter and applause ]
Next up, Canada and the DNC both wrote the caption,
"We have no idea how he ended up here."
Canada posted a photo of Prince Harry.
[ Laughter ]
The DNC posted a photo
of presidential candidate Tom Steyer.
[ Applause ]
Sure. -Hey, sure, man. Come on.
-Sure, sure, why not? -Why not?
-Moving on, here's one from
Blake Shelton and Rob Gronkowski.
They both wrote, "Good eats on Super Bowl Sunday."
Blake Shelton posted a photo of chips and guacamole.
Gronk posted a photo of a tub of Elmer's Glue.
[ Laughter and applause ]
-Good eats, man.
-Here's a caption from Greta Thunberg and Chuck Schumer.
They both wrote, "They're rising every day.
If we don't act now, they'll never stop."
Greta posted a photo of global temperatures.
Chuck Schumer posted a photo of Jerry Nadler's pants.
-Oh. [ Slide whistle ]
[ Applause ] -[ Pops lips ]
Here's a caption from Meryl Streep and Bernie Sanders.
-Oh. -They both wrote,
"You never forget your first."
Meryl Streep posted a photo of her first Academy Award.
Bernie Sanders posted a photo of Eve.
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
-Next one is from Ken Jeong and Mike Pence.
They both wrote, "Who's behind the mask?"
Ken Jeong posted a photo of "The Masked Singer."
Pence posted a photo of himself alone
staring longingly into his own reflection
as rain cascades down the window.
And finally, here's one from Burger King and Arby's.
They both wrote, "Tastes just like meat."
Burger King posted a photo of its Impossible Burger.
Arby's posted a photo of its classic roast beef sandwich.
That's all the time we have for "Picture This."


Picture This: Blake Shelton, Rob Gronkowski

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