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But look at this.
When you compare, this is an empty hall.
This is 750,000 square feet.
It's all empty now.
They know people displaying no booth or anything like this year s O.
What happened is because of the Corona virus.
The governor and the mayor have basically told us that we should not move forward with our Expo.
We didn't understand why we were kind of singled out on, Dhe said.
You know, you've got to stop that.
You can't bring Inspector This year.
I may be understood that being closed down at the Convention and Expo because there is a gathering of 250,000 people.
But the sports they only have 1000.
Some sports go up to 4000 Spectators, and so why we are being told not to have inspected is when, in fact, the continuing here with the ice hockey games and the basketball games in Ohio, more than 20,000 Spectators Did you ever get any answer from the governor about that?
Uh, well, they just said, Look, we're just taking precautionary measures and, you know, and we had to be team players.
I mean, you know that I've been governor before.
We have secured State of Emergency's before, and I think that this is exactly what this is.
Except the state hasn't really declared a state of emergency.
It just told us that we should not move forward Spectators.
And so that's that's what it is.
But, you know, legacy.
It is what this the health of the people is more important than money.
And this is why we immediately agreed with the governor and said, Okay, that's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna go and stick to the law into the rules.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Inside Empty Fitness Expo Due to Coronavirus | TMZ

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