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NBA picks and predictions of the game that was played on Monday.
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N B action for Monday.
It's going to get your Toronto Raptors versus Utah Jazz free N B A.
Picks and prediction.
The game is played on Monday.
SIGAN Utah plus two.
That's a tough spot for the Raptors.
They play the back end of a back to back after winning L A Lakers late last night.
Utah in search of their first home victory of the season.
Kawai Leonard.
Day to day with an ankle injury and Utah.
They're inefficient offense, averaging 110 points per 100 possessions Now.
This is a bad travel spot for the Raptors here, of course, playing an altitude after playing at the Lakers late Sunday night.
So the player over Utah plus two two, all right.
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Toronto Raptors vs. Utah Jazz Free Picks and Predictions 11/5/18

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