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  • I don't give a fuck about the Kardashians because I am blissfully unaware of their importance.

  • And yet there's a lot of important by other people.

  • Um, I've never seen the show.

  • You know, I don't have anything against them.

  • I'm just like, truly nothing comes to mind when I think about the conditions.

  • I'm like people and it's just like a bunch of, you know, already rich fancy people getting dressed up, even fancier.

  • And they cry about winning an award because of an acting job They did.

  • It's like I respect acting, but that's a little too much.

  • And it would always be like my mom's.

  • I could be One day you'll win one, you know, like maybe and then now I'm just like, Oh, I think we all have a natural aversion to the idea of being lonely, and I think being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely.

  • It feels hard when haven't done in a while.

  • You're like, Okay, just slow down.

  • Don't grab your phone.

  • I just read another chapter. 00:00:59.430 --> 00:01:1.520 And when you get into office on the rest of the day. 00:01:1.520 --> 00:01:2.600 It feels a lot better. 00:01:2.660 --> 00:01:4.950 It's like paste out your little more present. 00:01:5.390 --> 00:01:9.460 Um, sometimes I think I take a little too much alone time because then I'm like, Hello? 00:01:9.470 --> 00:01:10.400 I'm done with a long time.

  • Anyone there?

  • But, uh, yeah, I think it's just so valuable.

  • And, uh, I hope where people, you know do it.

  • I don't find the benefit in it because the goal is to communicate.

  • And that's why in some ways it's powerful.

  • One idea can reach so many right away.

  • But I think we're having a huge problem with is communicating with humans in general, and it feels it's not genuine.

  • And, yes, some people definitely don't need it.

  • I do give a fuck about the New York Times crossword puzzle really gets me going in the morning, Wakes up my brain.

  • Um, I learn new words.

  • I am definitely a paper all the way, like drawing on it like the pen all about it when I'm around people, he asked him a question.

  • It kind of gets everyone on a similar topic, and it's like brings everyone out of their own thing.

  • It was just like, yeah, let's figure this out.

  • What was the neighbor's name of?

  • You know, whatever.

  • I think it's a weird thing not to give a fuck about.

  • It's OK. 00:01:59.460 --> 00:02:7.550 You're not into sex, but, uh, I think it's really healthy as long as it's done appropriately and with consent. 00:02:8.210 --> 00:02:15.340 I heard this thing the other day that when you have an orgasm and when you laugh with the two times you forget about mortality and I was like that, like, it makes sense to me.

  • So when I'm like orgasm ing, whether by my own pleasure or was somebody else hopefully, yeah, you're just like in ecstasy.

  • And then, you know, very with laugh an orgasm.

  • You fuckin said you're doing great.

  • You know, not too long ago, it kind of made a decision when I was like, I'm not gonna hurt myself over feeling guilty for something that I can't change in the past.

  • I can learn from it, and from this point onward, change that the emotion of guilt feels like a waste of time to me to sit there.

  • And don't worry about it and wonder what could have happened if you didn't do it.

  • And feeling bad that you did that, and I think it just would help people move on a little quicker, but still be responsible for your actions and stuff like guilt there.

  • But I don't think you should carry it around for very long. 00:02:58.140 --> 00:03:6.550 And obviously with the views that we have in the Middle East, it's a very false view, especially attaching it to Islam and extremists. 00:03:6.560 --> 00:03:8.360 Even smart people don't really understand that. 00:03:8.360 --> 00:03:10.660 They're they're like, Well, Muslims are pretty crazy.

  • My family on my dad's side, you know, are Arabs, uh, Muslim from Iraq.

  • Eventually, you know, in my work or just to discuss it a normalcy way and making stuff that's about ah, first generation family or whatever, to just show that it's It's like any other culture.

  • And the timing is right for it to happen.

  • And also the food so great everybody loves full awful.

  • It's like that's part of it, you know, like that's what we're talking about here, not talking about the blood of virgins like let's keep it show.

  • I think we're done.

I don't give a fuck about the Kardashians because I am blissfully unaware of their importance.


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