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president mama is now attack and the big bird front hit you remember mit romney
during a debate said that he would uh... cut off funding at p_b_s_
says i love the merger but i'm gonna murder
in phrase it that way but if you are not the president bomb was that
baby get that sense uh... let's shoot
i'm brocco bob and i approve this message
criminals clinton's green
missus towered over them
one man has the guts to speak its name vicksburg
yellow a menace to our economy
midland emails its not
we do have to worry about it's sesame street
financed by iran
now a lot of people say how bare he is a very important large campaign
mopping up in those small issues
but wait a minute ronnie you brought it up macbeth agri dot you brought it up
romney's today say on the campaign trail hikes i don't believe that he would be
bothered with this kind of nonsense
and who is even embedded by the press
here is an n_b_c_ reporter say something similar
and to give me a sense of what some they describe as the absurd back and forth in
this election season take a look at this
this is the new address dot this morning for the obama campaign
that's peter alexander from n_b_c_ same answer back and forth
but wait a minute when the ronnie people do things that are absurd
it's about substantive issues are middle five trillion dollar tax cut but don't
worry as i can help the red
answering utilize all of you know i cover people with pre-existing
conditions no you know
but is not true
and here of course the press calls it even audit they lie in president mama
did a big bird ad we have a lot
now israel of the people who also delighted is sesame street they put out
of state and they said says a workshop is a non-partisan
nonprofit organization and would you not endorse candidates
or participate in portable campaigns
we've approved mill campaign ads and is our general practice have requested a
boat camp is removed sesame street akers and trademarks
from their campaign materials
anderson why they'd want to do that we need to funding and they don't wanna
resolver problem is or democrats
of less than statements
and pretty true and make sense
they also put out a statement about how
dissolved in politicized
and this was fairly clear
a few days before the first president
the presidential debate i'd talk with c_n_n_ seoul o'brien about sesame
says the person who runs uh... p_b_s_
not knowing that with all the issues we face the country the presidential
would come down to a referendum on baber
but that is what governor riley made it
when he said he lied big bird but would cut p_b_s_ funding
so is it even
no quit once i said in my college funding and pretends that is one of the
big problems in this country
and other senate says i'm not gonna cut its funding
and is not the main problems with alcohol
auto club grandfather this country
now you know that i know that but apparently not all american or that they
are in for some mind-blowing steps
turns out
anchoring to a c_n_n_ poll
seven percent of the american public figs that p_b_s_
gets as much as
after of the u_s_ budget
that's horrible
people lol
half of the budget goes the p_b_s_
thirty percent think its
five percent him i think it's a small number satriani as you see there are
all one four percent of the budget i've seen it is those point all one
two percent of the budget
but if you think hundred dollars use one of the budget is p_b_s_
on that one is getting some of the budget although i think they looked up
and there has also
in reality memo that all my address to the bs
is twenty two point three million dollars i might be a lot of money to you
and i
but it is almost nothing
for the budget now in fact initially let's look at priorities mit romney his
priorities for your show malice another tax cut
barry told you his family
would get nearly and nine million dollar
the state tax cut
but free has family have a rousing ever army wins
he s over two billion dollars in tax cuts
now where would you rather have the money go two billion dollars extra into
the pot is a show that wilson
so they get paid less less taxes anyway does is already pretty damn low
or twenty two million dollars for big brother as a sesame street
okay i'm not done yet
how about bushes that tax cuts romulus extend them and then cut another twenty
percent but forget the twenty percent of all i think it was extend which is tax
that costs us and other
trillion dollars
over the next ten years
twenty two million for p_b_s_ a trillion for tax cuts
how about their rack war
now estimates range anywhere from a trillion
too if you take into account
all the different
expense of iraq including the veterans of return home in need care
fall at time into it's our it's affects our economy
because anywhere up to
five trillion dollars
so now let me see
what would you prefer
spent twenty two million on big brother
or five trillion dollars on the disastrous war
that one of the any
hundreds of thousands civilians killed
over five thousand of our guys killed tens of thousands wounded
and she had one of which was a better vested
and that's why that ad by obama makes sense because
it goes the priorities omit run in the republicans
and how they want to try to this email as a big bird is the problem
in their tax cuts no wars aren't the prop
that doesn't mean i'm i'm no bomb off the hook
if you notice in that ad
when they went to wall street credito
when they go out and they would be can lead
now wait a minute
can lay
was not prosecuted under the old bomb administration
is prosecuted under the bush administration that was acronyms like
nearly a decade ago
and in a way because last week
but acti is was the guy who ran tyco was a prosecutor under obama
prosecuted under bush
well in the next day i was bernie madoff
when was very made off turned in
started by his
at the end of two thousand eight before president bombing took off
so when he goes to talking about life ka at hotmail that once turned off the hook
present all bombing cannot name as single
wall street criminal he put behind bars
that's the real problem with that
it's not that
president mama is going to be better or worse for sesame street
the real problem for america
is that president mama was just as easy on wall street has met ron they would be
that both of their priorities are wrong
you could name a single wall street criminal i mean we had the largest plot
of american history
president obama didn't put away is still a lot of those guys then go back back is
applying these guys
but even bush put away
that's embarrassing
and that's the reality


セサミストリートVs.ウォール街 (Sesame Street Vs. Wall Street)

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