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  • wait.

  • Another addition off personal best time we review the coming erases winner gains automatic entry to the Melbourne Cup.

  • We're highlighting our Farris Surprised baby wolf down Harold.

  • Second away, Del Harold away neutral Kandahar away quite well towards the outside with also Wolf, who shows out not too far off the speed Ventura Storm Farris with the red cap, is pushing up in Entomology.

  • A zero the fence surprise baby next and at this stage is 7th 1 off the fence.

  • Three.

  • Further backing earlier.

  • Grandson in supernova del Harold towards the back.

  • The good fight quality.

  • Second last hijacker Keller burn at the end.

  • So will strides out towards the river side, approaching the 2000 market by about a length and 1/2 to El Farris, who advances up to second length Monta Heart, third a length and 1/4 away, a zero forthe E inside, and they were followed by Ventura Storm.

  • To further back is the bag winner.

  • Entomology on the outside.

  • Off supernova to further back is surprised, Baby, and the favor at this stage has del Harold for company underneath of him and would spot the lead about eight links and in King of Leah.

  • Grandson quality.

  • The Good Fight.

  • Second last T, aka Caliban, is at the back 1500 meters to run, and the pilot is wolf out by two lengths.

  • L.

  • Farris, a similar kept among Tahar.

  • Third, followed by The Insider, zero a length and 1/4 of Ventura Storm, the outside of Supernova, who's tacked away on the running rail in sixth place, a length and 1/4 Entomology and Del Harold.

  • Then came Surprised Baby, who would still be about eight or nine off the lead Length away.

  • Quite funny.

  • And then came King of Leogrande, So he's going to track the favorite wherever it goes.

  • At the end of the field is T aka Keller.

  • Burn on the inside of the good fight.

  • So the front runner, as they reach the 1100 meters, is wolf wolf in front by a length to El Farris, and the pace has been quite moderate.

  • Monta high set alight on the outside Now.

  • Then came a zero for off the lead to further back venture a storm, and then came supernovas.

  • They attempt to string them out these leaders back behind the mid um ology, then del Harold surprise baby.

  • 10.

  • Off the Lead from Equality, King of Leah grants the Good fight and T, aka Caliban They've stepped it up.

  • Approaching the turn, it's Monta Harun el Faro's together from wolf whacking away.

  • Vin came a zero under pressure to links off from Ventura Storm Supernova.

  • Behind those for Madame Ology.

  • Surprise baby with five to make up.

  • Coming on and in King of Leah, grandson Back behind them.

  • Del Harold.

  • So it's wolf on the inside.

  • Coming again.

  • Let's supernova L.

  • Farris now surprise, baby, letting loose down the outside from a zero supernova upto wolf.

  • But here comes Baby surprise, Baby moves up on the outside of supernova and surprise baby, just in front of the 50 surprise baby, Georgie Cumming's sick, a commanding win from Surprise Baby.

  • And there is a lot of expectation around this five year old building who will now have to carry 53.5 kilos in the cap.

  • A look at the order of entry tells us that despite strong form today, Wolf, at number 63 has yet to secure entry.

  • Also, Super never is in the same basket, and Dal Harold, who I thought was impressive over the final stages will also have to win or place in a race like the core field cap.

  • The Movie Valley Gold Cup.

  • Did you long cup or the Lexus steaks on the Saturday before the Melbourne Cup?

  • Check the logs and pick a winner.

  • If you find the best incredibly informative, just like make facial shape and subscribe.



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バート・カミングス - ウォルフ、アルファーリス、ダル・ハーレイド&サプライズ・ベイビー (Bart Cummings - Wolfe, Alfarris, Dal Harraild & Surprise Baby)

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