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  • more on the Corona virus emergency as fears of a pen Deb and continue to rise, people are scrambling to stock up on supplies, prompting some stores to start rationing.

  • How much you can buy Steve O's and Sami's outside a target in Georgia.

  • Good morning, Steve.

  • Good morning to George A, for example, is what's happening at this target in suburban Atlanta.

  • They are out of facemasks.

  • Superstores like this one are selling out of these products online and in the stores.

  • Because of the fears surrounding the Corona virus.

  • There's a run on supplies this morning.

  • Big box stores across the country are seeing the growing concern over the Corona virus here and the longest lines they've seen in years.

  • I'm in panic because I went to custody.

  • There's no water.

  • These air pictures, posted online for various Costco's and Align just is long outside a store in Brooklyn.

  • At this public supermarket and Fort Lauderdale.

  • They were doing double takes over this, seeing a shopper who was either kidding or taking the Corona virus fears very seriously, dressed from head to toe in a HAZ mat suit while getting supplies at the grocery store, the end of the line for the paper and paper right here from coast to coast.

  • Even out in Hawaii, stores that were recently filled with bottled water, baby wipes and toilet paper wiped empty.

  • We saw the mask first, and then the hand sanitizer went, Ah, little bit after I guess people just real nervous about the potential spread.

  • One consumer research firm says that sales of dried beans are up 10% thermometers are up 47% hand sanitizer 73%.

  • And none of those numbers taken to account sales from the last week and 1/2 on their website program has announced that they will be limiting the number of sanitization cold and flu related products to five each per order.

  • I think that's really good that they're limiting people so that people can't like go buy the whole store and there's plenty to go around.

  • If a pandemic were toe happen, the Department of Homeland Security says it would be helpful to have on hand a two week supply of water and food, and they suggest that you make sure your drug prescriptions are refilled and that you have a good supply of pain.

  • Relievers cold and cough, medicines and other non prescription items.

  • But some experts say that the run on products like bottled water and hand sanitizer might be a little overboard.

  • You don't need to be applying the hand sanitizer every five minutes.

  • A small bottle in your purse or pocket should be fine to get you through several weeks.

  • It's a respiratory virus.

  • I don't see that it could live in our water supply.

  • And so I don't see a reason to need to stock up on any kind of like bottled water or water filters or anything like that.

  • You can drink the water that you normally drink.

  • Some more advice from health officials is to buy food that you would feel like eating in the event that you got sick.

  • Also, if they're out of hand sanitizer, buy soap instead.

  • Any sort of soap will be just, if not more effective.

  • Makes a lot of sense.

  • Okay, Steve, thanks very much.

  • Want to turn now to Dr Ashton?

  • He's been fielding questions from years on social media all morning.

  • So what do you have, George?

  • Hundreds and hundreds of questions coming into our Corona Virus Command center.

  • Now we're going to start with Shay on Facebook.

  • Who's asking, How are people infected with Corona virus being treated?

  • And what are the protocols right now other than stay home?

  • We really don't know at this point.

  • This is, you know right now, if you have mild symptoms, you're being managed no differently than you would.

  • Let's say if you had influenza on DSO you want to be in touch with your healthcare provider if you have one.

  • If you don't, you want to call your local hospital or your local health department, and they can instruct you on next steps.

  • But because there is no treatment at this point, it's just supportive care.

  • Rest.

  • Stay well hydrated and over 80% of people who are known to be infected with Corona virus resolve and get better on their own, which is really good news.

  • The next great question.

  • George eyes from Instagram asking, Can the virus get on your clothes?

  • So whether it's clothes, money, we're hearing all these questions right now that is unknown.

  • We have no evidence that it can, and I want you to encourage you to think of this no differently than the influenza virus.

  • We don't particularly worry about that.

  • Getting on our clothes, however, for some viral comparison, the Noro virus that G.

  • I virus that makes people very, very sick with G I symptoms that can actually get on people's clothes on sheets and can be passed that way.

  • So long answer.

  • But short answer.

  • We don't know, all right.

  • And Jen, we understand you're getting a lot of questions online about hand sanitizer.

  • Yeah, and again, there are so many different hand sanitizers out there.

  • I use this all the time in my office when I'm seeing patients.

  • They're all over schools and workplaces.

  • Anything with at least 60% alcohol, according to the CDC, is effective.

  • But again, we want to encourage people.

  • Really, if you can get to a sink, hand washing with soap and water is the gold standard.

  • So again, when you do that at least 20 seconds when you're done, you guys make sure you grab a paper towel to turn the faucet off with.

  • Otherwise, you've just undone all your good work.

  • That wasn't 20 seconds.

  • She was getting a rap.

  • It's not her fault, and Dr Ashe will be taking questions on Twitter Instagram all morning long, send them with a hashtag.

  • Ask GM a silencer more in our next hour tomorrow night to our 2020 special on the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking on ABC News YouTube channel.

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  • And don't forget to download the ABC News after breaking news alerts.

  • Thanks for watching.

more on the Corona virus emergency as fears of a pen Deb and continue to rise, people are scrambling to stock up on supplies, prompting some stores to start rationing.


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