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Halcyon would like to introduce the exciting new traveler pro, building upon the success
of the original traveler. This dedicated, single-tank bc provides a light-weight but
rugged option for divers looking to enjoy high performance in a travel friendly package.
This low-profile, performance oriented bc can be precisely fit in the time it takes
to buckle your seatbelt. Thanks to our patented, cinch quick-adjust harness individuals are
now able to change suits or even share a bc between divers by quickly adjusting the harness;
all this without compromising system integrity or our trademark, continuous webbing design.
The traveler pro benefits from a range of distinct features, including, an integrated
single tank adapter, aluminum d-rings, an inventive quick adjust crotch strap and an
innovative method of weight adjustment. The pro utilizes an adjustable set �of pockets
which allows for the quick installation of most common weights and can easily hold as
much as 12 pounds (6kg). This system provides easy weight adjustment and avoids the hassle
of carrying heavy diving systems during travel.
The traveler and traveler pro bc�s may also be fit with an optional light fixture assembly
or integrated weight pockets, allowing for the use of a primary light canister or additional
ballast. The halcyon traveler is available in 30lbs lift capacity and the pro system
is available in 30 or 40 lbs. lift capacities.
For �all your travel needs, the halcyon traveler and traveler pro bc�s
Are the top of the line choice. Buy the bc you've been waiting for by contacting your
local halcyon dealer today or contact halcyon directly at 800.HALCYON


Halcyon Traveler Pro BC System

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Yue Hua Liu 2013 年 12 月 11 日 に公開
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