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It's the most wonderful time of the year again!
The 12,019 human era calendar is out.
Go get our new limited edition now or regret it forever.
We heard your comments on last year's edition, so we've updated the design.
Each illustration is now featured on a full page with so much more space to take notes below.
Exactly 2.36689 times as much as in the old layout.
Also, the calendar has a spiral binding, shiny silver letters on the cover, and is printed on high quality paper
that's nice to touch!
The calendar looks awesome on your wall,
but it's also the easiest way to tick off your whole present list for Christmas.
If you order now,
it will arrive before the holidays and it's the perfect gift for your friends, kids,
grandma, doggo, mortal enemies, or random strangers you meet on the street.
On the inside you find 12 brand-new beautiful illustrations of early human
cultures and craftsmanship prior to the first civilizations and the use of metal.
This topic is endlessly fascinating to us.
Our ancestor's achievements from 10,000 years ago paved the way for our modern civilization,
so we can only dream of what might be possible in the future through human cooperation.
By the way, if you're wondering about the date, we explained why 12,019
should be our current year in our A New Calendar for Humanity video.
Order your calendar now, it will be available as a limited edition, until our stock is sold out and then never again.
The human calendar is a super fun side project we got to do for the third time thanks to your support!
We loved getting mails, tweets, and pictures with your calendars from over 80 countries last year.
So we're already looking forward to all your messages.


12019年カレンダーが登場 - 人類のための新しいカレンダー (The 12,019 Calendar IS HERE – A new calendar for humanity)

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