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Hey! Long time no see, how are you?
We've been waiting for you too.
'Going' is always going for you
[Silent Meal]
[Picking a number] So Wonwoo, please pick a number.
Number 10!
Number 10.
50 Seconds.
50 Seconds?
[50 Seconds]
[50 Seconds]
And now the decibel!
Okay, number 11 for decibel.
[(The man of 60dB)] -I've done that. -You did?
Number 13.
[(Curse)] 30!
Number 13, 80dB.
It's safe but it's 50 seconds.
Not bad with the decibel but it's quite in a hurry.
You can only eat ribs.
50 seconds is really short. I thought 2 and a half minutes would be enough but
[(Tragic)] -it's shorter than what you think. -It's short.
[(Has all the luck with eating)] That was a really enjoyable meal for me.
You must have been really happy. 1000.. wow....
Is there anyone who wants to eat galbijjim when we go back to the dorm?
[(An afterglow of 1000dB)] I could have eaten while jumping.
[(Here comes the Sliced Rice Cake Soup)]
I've already had it but it still looks delicious.
[(First time showing greed over food)] I've had some but...
[(Neat)] I should stay quiet.
[(Fearlessly eating chonggak kimchi)]
[(Knew how to do this)]
[(Sound of something falling)]
[He has 50 seconds?]
[(Fearlessly eating chonggak kimchi 22)]
[(Buzzer beater)] Clang
[(Nice Meal)] You didn't go over.
Wonwoo, success!
What was the highest decibel?
About 67?
Yeah, around that?
Didn't he hit the dish by mistake once?
[(Diligent HOST)] Yes, that hit 67.
[Picking a number] I choose 20!
-Number 20 -15 Seconds
2 Minutes.
Not bad.
Decibel 20!
Number 20.
[A 40 decibel man]
That's 20 decibels lower than SeungKwan.
[(Big damage)]
I think it's going to end right after picking up the spoon.
We will desperately stay quiet for you.
-We don't even have to say anything, it's already -Let's all stay really quiet.
[Decibel TEST] Let's all keep quiet.
[(There is Wonwoo drinking water on the left side)] Be quiet, Jeon Won Woo.
[Decibel (RE)TEST] Let's stay quiet. One two three!
What.. No one's talking and it's already 50.
[TRY] We've turned this off for now
so everyone stay quiet. We'll turn it on and start.
[(Failed already)]
[(Empty dream)]
[(That was a sweet dream)] Leave.
[(Letting him off)/(Bye)] Leave.
[Happy] Poor him.
It won't go under 40.
[(Still hot)/(No need to change it)]
It was already 45 when you picked up the bowl.
-Come pick a number, Vernon. -I want to pick well.
[Picking a number] Time... 12.
Number 12.
30 Seconds.
-Woah... -Woah....
Decibel... We hope for high decibels.
If you pick high decibel, you can just eat real quick.
He usually eats really slow and relaxed.
I'll go with 12 for decibel as well.
It's not good going with the same number.
Number 12.
70 is not bad.
It's still dangerous.
I'm so sad.
30 seconds. I'm so sad for you.
Try chonggak kimchi. It's really good.
[(Requesting Galbijjim Mukbang)] For 30 seconds, I would just eat the ribs.
I'll just get ready first.
Because time is money now.
[EAT] Be quiet!
[(Letting this one off)] Sorry.
[(Domino effects)]
[Try not to laugh challenge)]
30 seconds was really short.
[(Satisfied hands)] You can just change the kimchi from here.
It was really funny seeing the camera director
walking on the eggshells.
And he was actually taking care of 2 cameras
[(The one who made the noises)] He was going like this not to make any noise,
but that was really funny.... sorry.
Doesn't the ribs taste good?
I'm so sorry that it was only 30 seconds.
[(Almost New)] I think we can just replace the kimchi.
[Picking a number] 13!
Number 13.
3 minutes.
[Enough time] Oh~ Enough time. Enough time.
-3 minutes is enough. -Did Vernon just pick 12?
Number 14.
[Only TIME is enough]
That's quite ambiguous.
[(Hello Hello)(Man of 60dB)]
60 is SeungKwan
It's really hard
[60dB is]You can't eat kimchi...
Ah, then it's wistful
Asap End!
But the radish kimchi is... radish kimchi is easier
[(More tteokguk please)] Radish is..
[(Radish simulation)] It's easy to make syak sound
[(Spoon noise)]
[Over 60dB] Get out
Get out
[(Master of Get Out)]
[Love it]
[Big Star] - But it's already! - You should give up the chopsticks!
[(Crowd)] At the moment you try to pick this up
59.. 56..
[(Tkk)(Yup)] Get out
[(Frustrating)] How do you expect me to do this!
[(Happy)] You need to hand it over to the next member
60 is bad~
I'll go next
Should Shua go?
[JOSH's turn]
[(Still happy)]
Are you starving?
A little...
[(Too bad)] I rolled up my sleeves to eat a lot
But the tteokguk is... tteokguk is really good.
It's an art. Art.
[(Motivated)] I didn't even eat tteokguk
[Pick the number] For the first round
I'll pick 4
3 Minutes
Ah, this could be short for Joshua
He eats slow
[(Carefully)] Now, the dB!
[(Hesitating)] If you pick high dB, even 30 seconds is enough
[(Done thinking)]
70 dB
[Not bad] Oh, it's not bad
70 is much better than 60
[(60dB experienced guys)] Yeah, it's much better
[With 70] You can actually pick up the chopsticks
[Good? / Yeah]
[Get closer]
[(Putting it down is a problem)]
[Please sit down]
[Over 70 dB] Get out
[(Acting master of Get Out)]
[(Get out)] Of course,
you can't let your guards down until the end
He forgot about it because it's too delicious and bam!
Uh very good~ Tik!
[(Addictive Tteokguk Dinner)] It's really good
- Okay Moon Jun Hwi~ - Moon Jun!
[Number Selection] Do we have No.6?
No.6 for the time
No.6, 40 seconds
[(Perplexed)] Oh my god~
[(Getting on the nerves)] If you have high dB limit, 40 seconds it enough
[(As if he knew what he was picking)] I had really good time and dB limits
I'll go with the same number, 6
No.6, 65dB
[40secs+65dB] Oh my gosh..
[(Expecting fun attempt)] If you make any noise picking up the chopsticks,
40 seconds and 65 dB....
Don't eat don't eat don't eat!
[(Being mean)] Everyone just don't eat!
[Eating] Stopwatch...
How much time? 40 seconds?
One two three, start
[(Ring clinking)]
[Over 65dB]
[Satisfying End] When this happens
This Seventeen ring~
This is really, this represents our team
[(It doesn't go well with tteokguk)]
[(Ring instead of ttekguk)]
[Number selection] THE 8, the number!
I'll take 8
Oh~ keep going with 8
2 Minutes
[(Satisfied)] Oh, 2 minutes is fine
and... No.5
No.5, 75dB
[2Mins + 75dB Good selection]
[(Jealous for real)]
You are safe
75 is really enough
[(Lean forward)]
[(Please lower your position)]
[(It's oki, it's oki)]
[(The soup...)]
[(Hold on)]
[(Nah might pull an WOOZI)]
[(Now, the issue is placing it down)]
[(Lemme see)]
[(The chopsticks..)]
[(I'll pull an WOOZI)]
The end!
Oh, he ate a lot~
It's good, right?
It's good, it's good, it's good, right?
Towards the end, he was gonna turn towards the spoon and the chopsticks
[(A high mark for that)] But it was great to see him give up.
He was picking up the chopsticks and went, this isn't it!
At this rate, I might become like WOOZI.
There was such a good--
[(Pioneered the expression 'be WOOZIed')] Such a good precedent set earlier, so
Hey, I might be WOOZIed at this rate!
That's what it was.
- It's good, right? It's really good. - Yeah, this is really good.
[Choosing the number] The time is, Number 15
1 minute and 30 seconds
Ooh~ Hey, the time is alright
- It's not bad - I hope the God of Variety Shows descends
[(Let's make a hilarious picture)]
[(Evil)] 55!
[(Pure evil)] - Let's go, 20! - Number 7!
Number 7, 55dB
[(Why is he rejoicing?)]
55? Oh, 55 is bad, isn't it?
[(Woke up to reality)]
[(I said)] I hope it's 55
[(The happiest we've seen him all day)] 55
[(Lonesome shoulders)]
[(Tteokguk comes in)] Dino, first of all, give up using the spoon and the chopsticks
First of all, the ribs
Till the end, now, this--
[The last tteokguk]
Oh, it must be so good, I already ate it but I wanna eat it again
[(The decibel)] it's invisible from here
[Tasting] Let us be quiet now, shh!
One minute, it's not below 55 yet
Below 55--
[Exceeded 55dB] Get out
[(The last young summer radish)] At the sound of his mouth opening
[(In despair)] - Opening it is-- - It got mixed with the sound of his breathing and became 62
He made the 'hup-cha' sound, the 'hup-cha' sound
Hey, he still managed to eat a lot
- Oh, DK saying 'get out' here is so pleasing - It's such a shame, right?
It's such a shame, right?
Oh, it's so good~
Where are the ribs from? They're so good
[(They're the food truck ribs)] Aw, seriously, it's such a shame, I'm so upset really
There's a final dish on the menu on top of this?
The final one, isn't it Hoshi?
- What about me? - No, no, 'hooshik'* (* = means dessert in Korean)
[Sweet savory sour]
Level 4 is sikhye
[The domestic is the best]
Each member will pick out a cup of sikhye
From the 20 cups and drink it
- Okay, me first-- - Then, from now on,
[(Hup)/(Embarrassed)] We'll begin picking out the sikhye
How hasty
[Tasting/(The hasty Josh chooses Number 1)]
[(Smell)] Right away, right away, right away?
[It's a penalty sikhye] Don't smell it!
[(It came up)] I wasn't smelling it
A sip!
[(Guys, it's sikhye)]
[(Not falling for it)]
That face he makes whenever he's acting
[(The A-Teen face)] No, it's really sikhye
[(I'm not acting)] I'm not gonna have it
[(Got caught)] Oh, he's sort of acting~
[(Unleashing the pain he had been holding back)]
I'll go, I'll go!
He's trying to feed it!
[(I feel ya)] To feed it to the person next to him!
[(A smell check)] Wow, just incredible
[(Unfounded confidence)] We're gonna make a toast with these at the end.
[(Deliberating)] First of all, the sikhye that Joshua chose
still seemed like the most normal sikhye among these
But it was a vinegar, right?
But I don't think you can tell just from the color?
Vernon, let's go!
I'll take my pick
[(NO hesitation)]
It's downing it straight without smelling it, alright
[Trying] - Let's go right away. - Sip a mouthful.
A mouthful!
[It's obvious that he's not acting]
Wow, the sweet rice punch!
[Trying] Kim Mingyu!
[(Grabs one)] Wow, wow, wow!
[(He's more in a fuss)] What's that, what's that, what's that?
Straight up!
- Drink it! Just drink it! - Wow, this drives me crazy, the rice!
[(Slurp)] Straight up!
[(Talking with the face)]
[(We get it)]
[(He's got the vinegar rice punch)]
[(Preparing the action for the show)] - I will.. - Wait a second.
[(Something sweet)] Do we have something else? Ah, okay.
A candy chance.
That's good.
[(Doing over the thing he just did)/ Trying] I choose you!
[Normal sweet rice punch: 2/4]
I am outta here.
[Trying] Now, one, two, three!
[(Stutters)] - I.. I can't.. - You should choose one right away!
[(Someone who had vinegar rice punch)]
[(Nothing concerns him)] Just pick anything and drink it up!
One, two, three!
[(The truth of this rice punch is)]
[(recognizable from his face)]
What's that?
It's vinegar!
[(Correct)] Is it vinegar?
It's vinegar.
[Two normal rice punches, and 13 special rice punch left] Wow, Seungkwan, Seungkwan!
I will, I will do it!
You can't say anything when you drink vinegar.
You can't really say anything.
[SeungKwan vs. Wonwoo]
[Hoshi wins] Okay, I will go.
[Got the prize!]
[(Happy to give the contender a slip)] What did you get?
[(Nice to be not that)] That really looked like a normal rice punch!
[Salt rice punch] - This is salt.. - Salt?
[(Wonwoo gives a shot)] I will cast two votes for that being the vinegar.
Goodbye, brother.
- It's regular rice punch.. - Uh.. That must be a regular one.
[A sweet smile]
They really mixed them good, there's no rule in that at all.
I can't figure it out.
[(Hard to figure out)] Hey, when you look at the color,
[(Made random)] The amount, the shape, nothing really matters.
Wow, this is good.
[SeungKwan gives a shot]
[(I choose you)] I was going to choose that.
[(Excited look)] Vinegar!
Rice punch..
Heck of a rice punch..
This kind of reaction is for the vinegar.
[(Thought of something sad)] Now you won't be able to talk.
No, that must be the salt, right? It's the salt.
[(Correct)] Yeah..
[(Messing from the first round?)]
[Overheated] - I am just feeling its energy! - No, you grabbed it!
[Relax, to the last choice] Do you want to listen to me?
No, everyone should pick their own drink.
I will go first.
Let all of us choose one and drink.
- Each of us pick one. - All of you pick, and then drink.
You all pick one, and then drink one by one.
[(Decisions made)] THE 8, who chose the last, will go first.
[Myungho first] - Okay - Myungho!
[(The honest tongue)]
- What's that? What's that? - Salt
[Salt] Salt!
Dokyeom, you are lucky today.
Both of them could be regular rice punch.
Then, what will Dokyeom have?
[One normal rice punch and 10 special rice punches left] Both of them drink at the same time!
[Final trying] One, two, three!
Bottoms up!
[(One cup of normal rice punch left)] Both of them are rice punches!
[One of them are lying]
When I saw it with my eyes
[Gotcha] Jun's cup will be rice punch.
[Vinegar] That's what I thought.
[Turns around] No?
What, it isn't?
The vinegar!
[(Sweet vinegar rice punch)] Drink something sweet.
[(The devil came back)] What sweet thing are you talking about?
An unexpected conclusion
[The dinner is finished] Everyone, come here and sit down.
Everyone, welcoming the new year,
shall we make a joyful toast,
[(The spirit of the normal rice punch)] - And drink our cups bottom up? - No..
No, please don't!
- This is the end of "2020: Mystery Mystery." - Make a toast, and wish you a happy new year,
And Dokyeom, please say the last comment to close the section.
Okay, in fact, today...
[(Why does he look nervous..?)] The "2020: Mystery Mystery"..
Had some secret.
[(An accident from the communication error between the staff and him)]
[(Drinking vinegar rice punch in between that)] There was something going on!
I knew it
[(I don't know how this goes) (But they are representing what our staffs feel)] No, this is not how it should go!
[(He's not even aware that it's an accident)] - Who are you? - Wait, wait
But our producer doesn't look like she knows it.
[Rumbling] Dokyeom! Please say anything.
- Say it, say it! - What was the secret?
[(So naive)]
Uh.. They are embarrassed, they're embarrassed.
[Starts the briefing]
- Do you want to get there and get things straightened up? - Huh?
The producer called him.
[(Come forward for a second..)]
[(What should I do?)] You did something wrong
[(I give up)]
[(I should spill all of it out)]
[(King of communication)]
[(The program content has been changed)] So what?
Everyone, please be seated.
[Revealing the hidden content] "Mystery Mystery" was actually.. Mr. Lee
[(He got it wrong in the meantime) (It's not a double Mr. Lee)]
- You got it right in the middle. - Oh yeah?
[Mr. Lee: The price for looking down on members]
[Before the start] This is the "Mystery Mystery."
They say we can just enjoy the new year's food.
[(Good intuition)] So is this supposed to be "Mr. Lee?"
[(Mental freeze)]
[It might end 5 minutes after the start]
[(A late understanding)] Hey, you!
[Can't lie type] What are you holding back?
[(Making eye contacts with the staff)] - What are you! - You Mr. Lee!
It was Mr. Lee Seokmin!
[Smooths it over with dumb attraction]
[Unsettled atmosphere]
[(Playing dumb)] Do I sit here?
This is so mysterious!
[Suspicion after suspicion] Mysterious Mr. Lee
Mysterious Mr. Lee?
[(Looking a lot more natural)] I don't have anything mysterious
[(But not working)] What are you holding back?
[Repeating the same lines] - I don't have anything mysterious. - You pretend that you don't understand the missions!
[Repeating the same line for the third time] I don't have anything mysterious.
[(Lifts the suspicion)] You don't look like one.
- He doesn't look like he's pretending to not have understood it. - Can he at least pretend that he knows?
[(A soulful act)] I don't have anything that I know..
[Waiting for the kimchi pancake]
[(Making things worse)] This is really mysterious.
Is your secret mission like
- I don't even have a mission. - Saying "mystery" 150 times?
[(A natural looking robot)] I feel so mysterious of this situation
But Dokyeom sounds..
[(Look at that robot!)] So unnatural, as if he's acting.
[(A recently released robot!)] He's got a lot better in acting.
[Can't lie at all] I mean, I really don't know anything else.
- That was funny. - Suddenly eating random bad food for no reason
So look at this, I understand the random choice food thing.
But this is..
[A rational doubt] This couldn't be it, something else's going on.
I keep thinking "Why are we doing it?"
[Back to the present] The modulated voice just before was mine.
[(Carats knew it all along)] Oh yeah?
- So you came in early, and recorded it, - Oh, was it you?
I was supposed to get all the good things during the games..
Ah, so that's that.
I didn't understand it from the beginning.
- Did you know it all along? - I knew it.
[(It can't be..)] Why did you get that kimchi pancake
[(Did you think that forward?)] - Right, why did you get chocolate syrup on it? - That was my mistake.
[An unexpected conclusion]
[Mr. Lee: A price for looking down on Dokyeom]
[(Naturally expecting good food)] Nine, chocolate syrup.
[(The set-up is destroyed)]
[(An unexpected turn)]
This.. shouldn't be it?
Mystery, mystery!
[(A surprise disguise)] This is not it should be!
Let's draw the rice punch.
[He was told what the regular rice punches were, but he forgot] - You are in a hurry. - Should I start first? Or will you go?
[(The first contender)] - It looks like I could figure it out with my eyes to a certain level.
[Restless eyes]
[(Calling SOS to the staff)]
[(Eyes on the rice punches)] Don't smell it, just straight up!
[(Alone in another world)] Next, right up.
[First regular rice punch]
Wow, the sweet rice punch!
[(Getting nervous)] Right up, right up!
[(Scanning the rice punches)]
It drives me crazy!
[(He meant it)] Wow, it drives me crazy, look at the rice!
[(Reading the future)] Drink it!
[(Looking around)] I choose you!
[Is is the red one?]
[(Keep exchanging signs with the staff, but not understanding each other)]
[(A bold move)]
One, two, three!
[Can't figure it out ever]
[(Sending signs)] - This is the vinegar. - It's the vinegar.
[(Is this it?)]
[(Hollow smile)] Get out, let's do rock, paper, scissors.
[(Making eye contact for five minutes)]
[(Frustrated)] Wonwoo, I will go next.
[(Not even trying to be secretive)]
[(Giving out a whole lot of signs)] I didn't eat the rice cake soup before, no desserts,
[(It was an attempt for hiding it)]
[The red one?]
[(We didn't say it was the red one!)] Those ones are salt ones, right? Aren't they salt?
[(Trying a bold communication)]
[(Are you messing up from the first round?)] Now I have grabbed it.
[The reason for overheated atmosphere] - I am just feeling its energy! - You grabbed it!
[(An effort to complete the Mr. Lee project)] - I just felt it. - No, you touched it, you touched it!
[(Persuading them)]
Mystery, mystery, why is this like that?
[(Staff supporting Dokyeom at their best to make another choice)]
Should we get together and draw it once more?
[PD: Only those who haven't done it.]
[The last chance] No, I'll go first.
[(Attempting communication)] - Wow, he's got chills! - Oh, good!
[(Sorry, my visions aren't that good, I didn't see it..)] Let all of you choose one and drink it one by one.
[(Troubled)] You all choose one, and one by one, straight up.
Just pick anything, and just drink it up!
[(Should I just go?)] Pick this?
[(Hand in anguish)] You'd never know, you'd never know.
[(Final choice)]
[The result] I thought that was the regular rice punch.
I forgot the number so I made the mistake
And I am supposed to drink the regular rice punch now
[So confident] But I made the wrong choice and drank vinegar.
So I messed it all up.
[An unseen conclusion] Well, that was all honest and good.
But the food,
What could have happened when the person in front of you have gotten the number you want?
Then there will be some other choices.. There are some number of cases.
[(Surprised that it was better thought out than expected)] There was four..
[Good numbers were Dokyeom's birthday]
It was my birthday, 9, 7..
[(Even forgot his birthday numbers)] What was it, the number?
[PD: 2 and 18.]
[The third round: 9, 7, 2, 18]
[The first and second round: 7, 2, 1, 8]
- So there was a lot of good draws in 8. - Oh.
- I should have known it earlier. - I liked the idea of this content.
[Dokyeom, nice shot!]
Well, this was how it was supposed to be,
[(It was how it supposed to be)]
Well, if you have chosen the good ones until the end, it could have been better for you.
But in fact, when I made a choice with this, I didn't know which color the right ones were,
I am supposed to pick a regular rice punch, so I asked the producer,
[What he was doing for 10 minutes] Which color? Blue? Blue?
[PD: Polka dots!]
Polka dots!
Ah, this one with the straw with polka dots are the regular ones!
[The polka dotted straws]
This was so obvious! Oh!
[(Not all of them)] Oh, this is the salt one.
[A simple code than expected]
So Dokyeom were being really obvious here and
[(Good at exaggeration)] He was like this..
["Mystery Mr. Lee" project failed] But it was fun though.
Failures happen.
January, it was Dokyeom's episode!
[Monthly Seventeen, January edition] Mystery Mr. Lee.
But it was all some grand scheme.
And there could be some... Follow-ups?
[(Maybe some other time..)]
Then let's move on to the new year's greetings.
Then, we opened the new year with January's "Mystery Mr. Lee" episode,
So let's start off a fresh and happy 2020,
And all our members and the viewers, I wish all of you a happy new year,
And I hope you stay healthy in 2020.
Happy new year!
Mystery! Mr. Lee!
See you later, folks, don't be sad.
Going Seventeen, making you expect the next.
Why do I have all the mysterious stuff in the food today?
- Why is it so mysterious.. - So why is it a mystery at all?
Is it called mystery because all the combinations are mysterious?
I don't think he knows anything.
He never knows anything, he's..
Don't call me a fool, don't say that I don't know it.
- I never called you a fool! - I never called you a fool, why would you call yourself a fool?
Yeah, I did it wrong.



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