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The puppies were completely splayed-leg.
All four legs went straight out like two crosses.
They were born that way.
- We decided we would foster them and start therapy now.
- Come on, Samiel!
- I don't think our goal was ever for them to 100% walk,
it was for them to be healthy.
- And for them to find the perfect home.
We did a ton of research.
Looking for every little answer, every little trick,
every little idea.
- Samiel, she was definitely in the worst shape.
We knew that her brother's going to be okay.
- Heather and I have been devoted the last decade
to rehabilitating and rehoming handicapped Pitbulls.
- Samiel would just yell and scream at me in her PT.
Like if she was hanging in her harness,
she was just right on me and just yelling at me.
So she's always been on fire.
We were contacted about a third puppy, Gabriel.
So we got him here as fast as possible.
We always planned for all of them to be adopted.
There is quite a political mish-mash going on
in the triplets family.
- Come on!
- It is run by one very tiny, little princess.
She's the boss.
Uriel and Gabriel were so sweet and easy,
and Samiel wants it all right now as fast as possible.
She demanded so much more of our attention.
Looking at you like,
“Put down what you are doing and pick me up."
She wasn't a dog in the room that you could ignore.
Her mentality is,
“This is my troop, I'm going to run it.”
- Good job!
- The puppies have all been receiving hydrotherapy
in a water tank with a treadmill.
- Just walk.
- Samiel is not at the point where her back legs were under her.
- I don't think we'll ever get to the point
where we're like, let's stop therapy.
We'll keep doing it. As long as it takes.
- Come on, baby girl.
- Uriel is walking pretty good.
Gabriel also is up on all four.
- Samiel unfortunately still needs a little bit more work.
Hopefully with some more focused attention
we can get her to where she's on her feet.
She is definitely my little diva.
If I go upstairs, she's upstairs with me.
If I go outside, she's outside with us.
I definitely spoil her.
She knows when I'm eating cereal. It's so weird.
Samiel's absolute favorite food is Lucky Charms.
She loves the marshmallows.
- Why are you so cute?
- So she has Lucky Charms with me.
- Yum.
- Samiel's six months now and she's about twenty pounds.
We decided that Samiel would probably be a good candidate for wheels.
- The first time we put the walking wheels
it was a full-tilt diva meltdown.
She literally threw herself down.
- Come on!
- And I think that she feels awkward in them.
- We're going to continue with her in the wheels.
We do hope she gets to a point that she realizes
those are going to help her more than hinder her.
But we're also not giving up on her walking yet either.
- Good girl!
- We've successfully got Gabriel and Uriel adopted.
- We couldn't have asked for a better family for Gabriel.
- How are you?
- Come on, Gabe!
- And Uriel was more obsessed with his adopter
than he even wanted me.
Unfortunately, Samiel needs more time.
- Samiel was just, you know,
she's taken her place right in the pack with our other dogs.
Sometimes she wants to lead it.
And she may one day, who knows.
- It's been four weeks
that Samiel has seen any of her brothers.
Her brother, Uriel, is going to come.
And I think that she is definitely going to try to bully as much as she can.
Not missing a beat from where she left off.
- Is that your brother?
Is that your brother?
Is that your brother?
- You can tell that they really do recognize each other. They know.
- They have to have a bond.
After everything they went through, there has to be some sort of unbreakable bond.
She was so excited.
So happy to see him.
Have you met my wife?
Today is Samiel's official adoption day.
- If for some reason the perfect home didn't come,
all three of them would have stayed.
Samiel is different.
She's very connected to me, and I'm very connected to her.
For me,
I'm the best one to take care of her for the rest of her life.
- I think that she's going to have a very happy and healthy life.
And we just love her.
- I mean, look at it. I mean, look at it.
- I don't think it needs much more explanation
than we just love her.


足の障害を乗り越えて明るく生きる子犬たち(Watch This Little Roly-Poly Baby Pit Bull Grow Up And Get Adopted! | The Dodo Adoption Day)

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