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  • Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players in NBA history, died in a helicopter crash on Sunday at the age of 41.

    NBA の歴史上、最も偉大なプレイヤーの 1 人、コービー・ブライアントが、日曜日のヘリコプター墜落により、41 歳で亡くなりました。

  • His 13-year-old daughter and several others on board also died.

    搭乗していた、ブライアントの 13 歳の娘と、他数名も、命を落としました。

  • Bryant, known by his nickname, Black Mamba, is being mourned as being one of the best basketball players of his generation.

    ブライアントは「ブラック・マンバ」という愛称で知られており、同世代において最も素晴らしいバスケットボールプレイヤーの 1 人として、追悼されています。

  • Kobe Bryant straddles a couple of different eras of basketball.


  • He goes from the sort of, you know, smash-up/mash-up, you know, era of the '90s where you had, you know, tough teams like the Miami Heat and the Knicks to the kind of perimeter-focused, three-point shooting that you see nowadays.

    激しい 90 年代、マイアミ・ヒートやニックスといった強豪チームが活躍した時代から、今日見るような、ペリメーターを重視した 3 ポイントシュートの時代ですね。

  • In two decades with the Lakers, the 18-time all-star won five championships and scored 33,643 points, the fourth most in NBA history.

    レイカーズでの 20 年間において、オールスターゲームに 18 度出場したブライアントは、5 回の勝利を収め、通算 3 万 3643 点を決めました。この点数は、NBA の歴史上第 4 位の成績です。

  • He could do it all, and that was one of his great gifts as a basketball player.

    彼はあらゆることができたんです。そしてそれは、バスケットボールプレイヤーとしての、彼の素晴らしい才能の 1 つでした。

  • He wasn't wedded to any one style; he could beat you inside, outside.

    1 つのスタイルに執着するのではなく、中でも外でも、相手を負かすことができました。

  • He could beat you seemingly single-handedly in his prime.


  • In 1996, after graduating from high school outside Philadelphia, he elected to skip college and go straight to the NBA, where he was drafted 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets and immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he quickly became a star.

    1996 年、フィラデルフィア郊外の高校を卒業後、ブライントは大学に進学せず、そのままNBAへ進む道を選択しました。彼はシャーロット・ホーネッツからドラフト13位指名を受け、直後にロサンゼルス・レイカーズにトレードされて、即座にスタープレイヤーとなりました。

  • The crowd got me real pumped up after the dunk.


  • As a rookie, he won the slam dunk contest and, in his second year, was chosen to be an all-star.

    ルーキーとして、ブライアントはスラムダンクコンテストのチャンピオンとなり、2 年目にはオールスターに選ばれました。

  • His meteoric rise continued through the late '90s and into the early 2000s.

    彼の華々しい活躍は、90 年代後半から 2000 年代初めまで続きました。

  • Bryant, alongside teammate Shaquille O'Neal and coach Phil Jackson, by 2002 had won three consecutive NBA championships.

    チームメイトのシャキール・オニールと、コーチのフィル・ジャクソンと共に、2002 年までには、NBA ファイナルを 3 年連続で勝ち続けていました。

  • A three-peak NS sweep.

    3 度目の勝利です。

  • The next year, Bryant's legacy was tarnished.


  • He was charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old hotel employee.

    彼は、19 歳のホテル従業員に性的暴行を加えたとし、告発されたのです。

  • Bryant, his wife Vanessa beside him, said the sexual encounter was consensual.


  • Prosecutors eventually dropped all criminal charges when the woman said she didn't want to testify.


  • Bryant later settled a civil suit connected to the case.


  • Back on the court, he continued breaking records.


  • In 2006, he scored 81 points in a single game, the second highest in NBA history.

    2006 年には、1 ゲームにおいて 81 得点をあげ、NBA 史上第 2 位を記録しました。

  • I couldn't even dream of this when I was a kid, you know.


  • There's just no way possible.


  • In 2008, he was named the league's MVP, but he couldn't take his team all the way to victory that year.

    2008 年、リーグ MVP にブライアントの名前が挙がりましたが、その年は、チームを勝利に導くことができませんでした。

  • That was a turning point.


  • It was when I sat there in the hotel room afterwards, I started thinking about that, because it's on me.


  • If I didn't feel like my teammates were aggressive enough, that falls on me.


  • And I had to understand what their journey was; how are they feeling as people, what are they going through?


  • The next year, the Lakers were back on top.


  • He won his fourth championship and in 2010, his fifth and final.

    ブライアントは 4 度目のファイナル制覇を達成し、それから 2010 年には、最後にして 5 度目のファイナル勝利を収めました。

  • Championships are a byproduct of things, drills and exercises that I did when I was six years old.

    ファイナルっていうのは、僕が 6 歳の時に取り組んでいたような、ドリルやエクササイズの副産物なんです。

  • In 2016, after 20 years in the NBA, he retired.

    そして 2016 年、NBA で 20 年間活躍した後、ブライアントは引退しました。

  • The thing that I will never forget is his last game in the NBA.

    僕は決して忘れませんよ―NBA 最後のゲームを。

  • He got 60 points off 50 shots which is a spectacular amount of shots to take in a basketball game.

    50 回のショットで、60 点をあげたんです。バスケットボールの試合で、こんなにもショットを決めるのは、見事ですよ。

  • What an exit for number 24!

    24 番、何という引退試合!

  • And it was kind of, you know, in this very small moment, in his last moment of the court, the NBA kind of, in miniature, you know, all the greatness and brilliances and excesses of what it meant to be Kobe Bryant.

    このすごく短い瞬間、コートにおける最後の瞬間、NBA のミニチュアのような場で、コービー・ブライアントの証である、偉大さや素晴らしさを見ることができました。

  • After leaving the court, Bryant turned his attention to new business endeavors.


  • He launched a venture capital firm, published a series of young adult fantasy novels, and even won an academy award for an animated short film called "Dear Basketball", an ode to his love for the game.


  • My heart can take the pounding.


  • My mind can handle the grind.


  • But my body knows it's time to say goodbye.


  • When the LA Lakers retired his jersey numbers in 2017, Bryant reminded his daughters of the secrets of his success.

    LAレイカーズは 2017 年、ブライアントの背番号を永久欠番にしました。その時ブライアントは、自信の成功の秘訣について、娘達に語りました。

  • You guys know that, you know, if you do the work, you work hard enough, dreams come true.


  • You know that, we all know that, but hopefully what you get from tonight is the understanding that those times when you get up early and you work hard, those times when you stay up late and you work hard, those times when you don't feel like working, you're too tired, you don't wanna push yourself but you do it anyway, that is actually the dream.


  • That's the dream, it's not the destination, it's the journey.


  • Kobe was recently spotted out at NBA games with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna who died alongside him in the crash.

    コービーは先日、NBA のゲームを 13 歳の娘、ジアーナと観戦していました。彼女も今回の墜落により、彼の横で亡くなりました。

  • She was a rising star basketball player herself.


  • It was 20 great years.

    素晴らしい 20 年でした。

  • I was very fortunate to play that long.


  • And, but now I watch it through my daughter.


  • My daughter plays every day.


  • He called her mambacita, a nod to the nickname he had given himself.


  • Mamba out.


Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players in NBA history, died in a helicopter crash on Sunday at the age of 41.

NBA の歴史上、最も偉大なプレイヤーの 1 人、コービー・ブライアントが、日曜日のヘリコプター墜落により、41 歳で亡くなりました。

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