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  • Anything strike you as special about this fish here?


  • Well, it's worth 1.8 million dollars.

    この魚、180 万ドルの価値があるんです。

  • It won grand champion at the All Japan Koi Show in 2017, and is the most expensive koi fish ever sold.

    2017 年の全日本総合錦鯉品評会で、第 1 位を獲得し、史上最高値で販売された錦鯉です。

  • Koi may just look like an oversized goldfish, but they're not even remotely related.


  • Koi are actually a type of carp, and today they're some of the most expensive pet fish in the world.


  • But why?


  • Koi were originally raised in Japan in the 1700s when rice farmers first began breeding them for their distinct colors and patterns, similar to how we breed dogs for their specific traits.

    錦鯉は元々、1700 年代に日本で育てられていました。その頃、米農家たちは錦鯉の特徴的な色や模様を求めて、繁殖を始めていました。私たちが、特別な特性を求めて犬を繁殖させるのと似ていますね。

  • And just like prized dog breeds, Japanese people take koi breeding very seriously.


  • There are regular competitions to name the top koi.


  • Judges and buyers pay attention to how healthy its skin looks, its size and body shape, and how gracefully the fish moves in the water.


  • But the most important trait of all is the koi's coloring.


  • The best koi have a good balance of colors and patterns according to their variety.


  • For example, there are koi with light blue spots, ones with large red patches on their backs, or all-metallic gold.


  • But the most winning fish often just boil down to these three varieties.

    しかし、最も多く勝利を収めている錦鯉の品種は、通常、これら 3 つです。

  • They're often the most valuable.


  • They dominate the shows, winning nearly every major category each year.


  • And the better-looking the fish, the more a buyer is willing to pay.


  • Yeah, it depends.


  • You can buy some small and cheap koi fish for a couple of bucks, but also, yeah, it can get up really, really high to thousands, ten thousands of dollars.


  • That's Yvo de Wal.


  • He's a koi hobbyist and seller in the Netherlands, and he heads up the YouTube channel Koi Partner.

    彼は、オランダの錦鯉愛好家で、錦鯉の販売も行っています。YouTube チャンネルの「錦鯉パートナー」も率いています。

  • Each year he visits Japan to shop for koi.


  • The breeders are located there, and they have experience with their bloodlines for many, many generations.


  • You see, bloodlines are just as prized in koi as they are in dogs because some of these koi are the result of decades of selective breeding.


  • I mean, just take a look at the koi's wild relative, the common carp.


  • Its dark colors would be considered unattractive for a koi, but it's perfect protection against predators in the wild.


  • So how do you get from this to this?


  • Well, it's actually similar to how we got from this to this, except koi breeders mainly select for size and color and ignore... fluffiness.

    実は、この状態がこうなったのと似ているんですよ。ただ、錦鯉のブリーダーは、主に色や大きさに注目するので… ふわふわ感は関係ありませんが。

  • Koi have six types of color cells in their skin.

    錦鯉は、皮膚に 6 種類の色素細胞を持っています。

  • Their cells can be red, yellow, black, white, blue, or metallic.


  • Now, in order to get a beautiful, reddish-orange pattern like the one on this 1.8-million-dollar fish, you need to select for fish that have a white body and lots of red cells that concentrate in large patches.

    こちらの 180 万ドルの錦鯉のように、美しく、赤みがかったオレンジ色の模様を出すためには、白い体をしていて、大きな赤いまだら模様を作れるほどの、たくさんの赤い色素細胞を持つ錦鯉を選ぶ必要があります。

  • Red and white are important colors in Japanese culture, representing joy and purity.


  • But having the right colors is only part of it.


  • A koi's color cells sit at different depths in the skin, some right near the surface and some deeper in, which ultimately determines how bright the fish appears.


  • The brighter the fish, the bigger the price tag.


  • Today there are about 120 varieties.

    今日、錦鯉には約 120 品種あります。

  • To compare, there are about 200 breeds of dogs.

    比較対象として、犬は約 200 品種です。

  • But when it comes down to it, breeding koi is a lot harder.


  • A single koi can give birth to hundreds of thousands of baby fish at a time.

    1 匹の錦鯉は、一度に何十万もの稚魚を産むことができます。

  • I think we are talking about millions and millions of fish per breeder.

    イヴォ:ブリーダー 1 人につき、何百万もの稚魚を扱うことになるでしょう。

  • So, breeders must choose wisely.


  • One breeder, for example, reports that he starts with 3 million fish and selects 15,000 to raise over the first year.

    例えば1人のブリーダーは、最初の 1 年間、300 万匹から始めて、そこから 1 万 5 千匹を選定すると言います。

  • From that, he chooses 1,000 to continue to raise the second year.

    2 年目には、そこからさらに育てていく 1000 匹を選定します。

  • Yeah, it's a really hard job for the breeders.


  • But in the end, all that hard work is worth it.


  • The breeder of this grand champion waited until she was nine years old to sell her at auction.

    この優勝した錦鯉のブリーダーは、オークションで売る前に 9 年間待ち続けました。

  • And by bringing in a world record of 1.8 million, the breeder got not only a huge return on investment, but a priceless reputation boost in the koi community.

    そして、世界記録である 180 万ドルを打ち立てることにより、投資に大きなリターンを得ただけでなく、錦鯉コミュニティにおける貴重な評判を、高めることができたのです。

Anything strike you as special about this fish here?


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