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Good morning, Moordale.
Today, we shall be hearing from a sexual health expert.
I'm here to start an open conversation
about S-E-X.
Didn't you wank off a courgette?
It's a new term. No more clinic, no more drama.
You can't give up.
Everyone's got chlamydia.
I read I should rub bleach on my vagina. That true?
I can't do dirty talk.
My cum tastes like kimchi!
Maeve has moved on, and so have I.
Present arms!
If you let me back in,
I won't tell everyone that your school is full of cheats.
He's from France.
I think I just had a very small orgasm.
I was wondering if you would like to go out with me.
I think I'm ready.
Are you sure?
We are going to have sex!
-Dad? -Otis!
-Oh, my God! -I'm sorry.
You finally get a girlfriend and she's basically your sister.
We're not going to pretend everything's okay, because it's not.
Is there something going on between you and Maeve?
Maeve broke up with me because she's in love with you.
I think I might be broken.
Sex doesn't make us whole...
so how could you ever be broken?
Just tell him you like him already.
-Oh, yeah. Yeah? -Stop that!
This is entirely about the money.
It's good to be back in business.


Netflix オリジナルドラマ:Sex Education Season2(セックスエデュケーション シーズン2 )Official Trailer

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Evangeline 2020 年 1 月 8 日 に公開    Yuka Ito 翻訳    Yuka Ito チェック
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