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One option if we hate our jobs obviously is to leave it.
But if we actually cannot leave our job for various reasons, the question is, " What are we supposed to do? "
Be the leader you wish you had.
Working at a hard job working for a bad boss can sometimes be one of the greatest educations ever.
So, the question is, "Can you change your mindset?"
Instead of waking up in the morning, going "Oh, I can't do this again," but rather view it as university.
You know, you're getting a master's degree in leadership and you may be learning everything how not to do things and to wake up and be like, "What am I going to learn today?"
Early on in my career, I had a really bad boss who believed that she could get the most out of us by berating us, and she told me once that - I had one of my "reviews" - and she said, "You have no talent".
And I was like, "nothing?"
And she was like "nothing."
This was her way of, I guess, motivating me.
But I had such a good attitude about it for a couple of reasons.
One, because I knew, I knew what I was up against every day,
And instead of taking it personally, I viewed it as as my education of how not to lead, and I literally would file this stuff all the way and use it someday.
I get to use it now.
And also, misery loves company.
You know, I had fantastic, a fantastic relationship with my team.
We looked after each other because we all had this oppressive boss.
We would compare the "advice" that we got in our little career building sessions.
And we took care of each other.
And so we had a responsibility to each other.
And that's where we cut our teeth on being leaders.
And it actually made the job wonderful.
Yes, there were days that were oppressive.
Yes, there were days that I hated.
Yes, there were days I wanted to pull my hair out and just quit.
But, it's because of the team that I had and how we looked after each other and the mindset of learning every day that I made the most of it.
So, I think mindset is a huge, huge, huge part of actually getting some joy out of a difficult job.



今の仕事がつらい…次のステップは? (What if you hate your job?)

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