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Hi, I'm coach Joe here on Behalf of Roadrunner. I'm here to tell you about how breathing can improve your performance while you run.
First, let's talk about how you currently breathe.
You might be breathing in through your mouth, out through your mouth; in through your nose, out through your mouth.
You may not be breathing much at all, or you may never have thought that breathing is important while you run.
Next, we're gonna connect the dots on how the brain plays a pivotal role in how long you can run in an elite-level.
And how long you can sustain.
So how should you breathe?
We are wired to breathe in through our nose out through our nose with a tongue position that is very specific towards increasing signals into the brain.
The resting tongue position is pressed to the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue just off the front teeth the middle, and the back of the tongue press lightly as well.
While your nose breathing in and out, we have the most activation into what is called the insular cortex.
The insular cortex is supposed to take all of those signals happening inside that you don't want to think about.
Heart rate, blood pressure, how your oxygen is being used, how CO2 is being released and connecting it to what you're doing.
So if you want to run longer, your physiology needs to maintain a level that can maintain your running without injury and at the performance that you desire.
So how do you put this information into your next run?
First, start with nose breathing in and out with that resting tongue position for as long as you can.
As soon as that starts to get too challenging, then you've regressed to nose in mouth out breathing.
And then as soon as that becomes challenging, you're going into mouth in mouth out breathing.
Knowing that you can switch between that spectrum as much as you need to during the run that you're performing.
Now you have some drills to practice on your next run, I'm coach Joe and we'll see you next time.



ランニング時の正しい呼吸法 (Proper Breathing While Running | How To)

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