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So you're here on a day that Fred Savage is here.
And you're a big fan of his right?
Yes, I was such a "Wonder Years" fan.
I'm so excited to be here.
Have you met him before?
No, no, well, actually, yes.
I met him briefly backstage at this reading, film thing that we did.
He's a sweet guy.
He's funny.
Oh yeah.
- Remember him? - Oh my gosh.
Do you remember the "Wonder Years"?
So it was such a huge show in my house growing up.
And do you remember when Winnie left?
And, like, I was just so sad.
And then we were watching the season finale.
And we thought that like it had ended.
Kevin was at a dance.
My mom went to do the dishes.
And it just me my brother.
And then Winnie Cooper came back.
And I remember my brother like rocketing up on the couch going, "Winnie's back! Winnie's back!”
And to this day, I have no idea what possessed me to go- I said, “Yeah, and she's better than ever!"
How old were you?
I don't- I was probably about eight or nine.
Well, was she better than ever?
- Oh, Winnie was better than ever. - Yes, ever.
Yeah, she'd grown- Her hair was amazing.
Yeah, wow.
And she came in, just like- and you could tell she was looking for Kevin, but she wasn't looking for Kevin.
She was cool.
Wow, you remember all of them.
It was, it was an important episode.
Yeah, sure.
And your son now is how old, three?
Oh, yeah, he's going to be three in March.
And what is he into?
What's a three-year-old into now?
Oh my gosh, he's into cars, he's into animals, he's into fruit.
He's in to so many different things, and he loves "The Lion King."
He just absolutely loves it.
That's cute.
That's sweet.
Animals, cars, and fruit.
Among other things, music too.
Well, this leads me into the question because I have this and everyone else.
You have you learned something really fascinating.
I've heard about this before.
Okay, so I don't know if they have.
If you could all reach under your seat, you have a clementine under there.
Okay, so just start peeling it while I'm talking.
So over the holidays, we took a family road trip up coastal California.
And we found this amazing like former hippie enclave from the '60s.
And there was a little secondhand bookstore in there called- hold on.
There was a little secondhand bookstore, and I found a book in there by this guy who used to be really big called Dr. Q.
And he wrote a book called "Citrus Healing."
And it was all the ways that you can incorporate citrus into your life to kind of like raise your health.
You know, aromatherapy, and you can use the peels to, for cleaning products.
And one of the things was how to incorporate citrus into your meditation practice.
And it was called "Clementime."
It was cute.
So, if you kind of poke a hole in your clementine, what you're going to do is you're going to put it up to your teeth and put your mouth around it.
And you're going to- but don't bite and don't choke.
And you're just going to-
I thought it was just one section.
It's the whole thing?
Oh no, it's the whole thing.
So breathe in.
I already put mine-
You're all breathing in?
Wait, I have to put my back together.
I took it apart.
If you took yours apart, don't worry.
It still works.
You just hold it together.
Okay, so breathe in.
All right.
Okay, and then breathe out.
Still doing it.
Regulates your breathing.
Now you do a sort of- it's not quite an Ujjayi breath.
But in the back of your throat, you (sound)
Can you guys do it?
And then you breathe out.
Okay, keep doing it.
Keep doing it.
Wait, with that in your mouth you do that?
Yeah, just kind of like-
Keep doing it.
Breathe out.
Do you guys feel a little bit better?
Feel good?
That's impossible.
I made the whole thing up.
I made the whole thing up, Ellen.
The take away of this is do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to.
You are free to throw your clementine at me now.
Guys, I just have to say thank you so much for going with that.
It was my- one of my resolutions in 2019 was to use my fame to prank a whole lot of people at once.
So, you guys just helped me fulfill one of my resolutions.
Thank you so much.



【エレンの部屋】アン・ハサウェイ、エレンにサプライズ! (Anne Hathaway Pranks Ellen's Audience with 'Clementime')

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