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Hi guys!
there are reasons why pimples pop up
on certain areas on your face
and that is why traditional Chinese medicine
called the face "the window to your health"
forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, nose chin
all of these zones indicate
what is happening on the inside of your body
so I want to teach you the basics
so next time when a pimple pops up
in one of those zones
you will know how to address a problem
to the core
upper forehead is directly linked
with the digestive system
the large intestines and the bladder
when you've got poor digestive going
the body will have troubles breaking down food
and there may be a large buildup
of toxins
try to eat more antioxidant rich foods or drinks
including green tea, lemon water and berries
lower forehead
according to Chinese medicine
this is associated with the mind and spirit
if you have pimples popping up here
it might be due to
irregular sleeping patterns
stress, depression, bad blood circulation
and so on
to avoid this problem
try to sleep early
ideally before 11 p.m.
and find ways to de-stress your mind
maybe take a long bath
watch your favorite movie
do some meditation exercises
or go on a spa day with your friends
the nose reflects the heart
caused by problems with blood pressure
and stress
again you need to find time to wind down
I heard retail therapy works
just kidding!
no, not really
the window to you liver lies between
the eyebrows
breakouts in this area
might be caused by a diet that is high in fat
and or too much consumption of alcohol
so you know
the solution is quite simple
you know what to do
or might I say you know what not to do
ever get stubborn
and painful pimples on your ears?
that's when the kidneys are not taken care of
kidney troubles are often caused
by not drinking enough water
and taking in too much salt and caffeine
so be sure to drink plenty of water
during the day
to cut down on the sodium and caffeine
and cleanse your kidneys
to get rid of the pimples
right side of the cheeks
corresponds to the lungs
pimples grown here could be caused by
allergies, respiratory stress and smoking
you might need to take extra care
of your respiration system
and avoid smoking or smoking areas
the mouth area
and the center of the chin
is linked with the stomach
and small intestine
pimples showing up here
could be caused by eating too much
fast food or constipation
try to eat more fresh foods with high fibers
such as vegetables, fruits
and whole grain foods
the sides of the chin is linked
with the reproductive organs
and the kidney
breakouts in this area is often associated
with the menstrual cycle in women
or some levels of hormonal imbalance
or the kidneys working overtime
most likely due to you putting yourself
through extreme amounts of stress
so I say relax
so traditional Chinese medicine
is so profound
what I have covered here is only
the very basics
and it's like the tip of the iceberg
I want to remind you beauty
is not merely skin deep
you have to take care of your skin
and your health from the inside
as well as your appearance
so thank you guys for watching
I hope that this was helpful
and if you know somebody
who has similar problems
you can share this video with them
anyways I will see you in my next video


Face mapping: What is your acne telling you?

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