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  • Let's get to the news.


  • President Trump last night became the third president in history to be impeached.

    昨夜のトランプ大統領は、弾劾された大統領歴史上 3 番目の大統領になりました。

  • So, he cheated on his wife, he's super unpopular, and now he's impeached.


  • For someone who hates the Clintons so much he sure is turning into one.


  • Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be joining Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign event in Las Vegas, and they'll blend right in because that is the average age difference in Las Vegas.


  • The --

    あの - -

  • The food blog Eater published an article today about what presidential hopeful Andrew Yang eats on the campaign trail.


  • They were originally doing the article on Bernie Sanders, but it got pretty boring.


  • According to a new study, half of Democrats believe there should be a maximum age for presidents, and that age should be however old Trump was yesterday.


  • According to Forbes magazine, a five-year-old YouTube star from Russia made $18 million this year, $1 million from YouTube and the rest for information she dug up on Joe Biden.

    フォーブス誌によると、ロシアの 5 歳の YouTube スターは今年だけで通算 1800 万ドルを稼ぎそのうちの 100 万ドルは YouTube で稼ぎ、残りは彼女がジョー・バイデンについて掘り出した情報で稼いだそうです。

  • Newsweek --


  • Newsweek has published a new article profiling an experimental stud conducted 20 years ago that observed eight couple having sex in an MRI scanner

    ニューズウィークは、20 年前実施の 8 組のカップルのセックスを MRI 観察した実験スタッドをプロファイリングした新しい記事を公開しました。

  • Unfortunately, this news was first reported to the next lady to use it.


  • "They did what?!"


  • The first reviews for the new movie adaptation of "Cats" came out yesterday.


  • Reviewers gave it three Claritins.

    レビューアーは、3 つのクラリチンを与えました。

  • According --


  • According to scientists, a rare species of walking fish has appeared in Florida.


  • To be fair, the fish only started walking when it realized it was in Florida. Oh.


  • "Oh... Oh, God.


  • I gotta get outta here."


  • Today was the last day for Amazon customers to order items that are guaranteed to arrive by Christmas Eve "Damn it!" said you, just now, watching this show.

    今日は、Amazon のお客様がクリスマスイブまでの発送が保証されているアイテムを注文する最後の日でした。「しまった!」 ちょうど今このショーを見てる人思わず言ってしまいますよね。

  • And, finally, according to a new study, 69% of Americans do not know the difference between dairy butter and margarine, so, just to be safe, they'll put both on everything.

    そして最後になりますが、新しい調査によると、アメリカ人の 69% が乳製品バターとマーガリンの違いを知らないようで、念のため言っときますね、どちらも何にでも使われています。

Let's get to the news.


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トランプ大統領、歴代3人目の弾劾された大統領になる (President Trump Is the Third President to Be Impeached)

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