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In this video I'm gonna show you what an average day cost in Tokyo, so
Two things before I start. I recently created a Paolo from Tokyo and
Discord community where people who love Japan or people that might be travelling to Japan can connect and share
information about Japan and all the things that they love and
maybe if they have any questions and get it answered in the community site if you're interested it then links it in the description and
Zhiyun and have been kind enough to send me the Weebill S so for the rest of this video
We'll be filming it on my EOS R and at the Weebill S and finally while you're watching it
Let me know what you think of the prices compared to your country
Let's do this and what better way to start than to start in the morning
And that's the basic in the because obviously you can live a more frugal or extravagant lifestyle
But this should give you a quick reference on how much it would roughly cost to live in Tokyo
So what do you guys think about the cost compared to your country?
Let me know in the comments. If you like this video help me out and hit that like button
And before we go I wanted to give a quick shout out to Newton for helping me film. This Michael wasn't available
He's also starting his own YouTube channel. So if you want to see what he's doing, I'll leave a link in the description
This is the first time he ever used the Weeble S and as you can see here
He was able to get cool cinematic shots by following in front of me. He uses sling mode
That was very very unique to the Weeble S it just lets you get super low to the ground
Which I love what I love about this upgraded version is now it can carry such a heavy
Payload and I do love a way that you can just switch from the sling mode
Into the regular tripod mode and you can open it up just like this overall
This is my go-to setup when I'm trying to get a smooth and stable footage
Thank you so much Dean for sending me this and for those of you guys who are wondering this is not a paid to sponsored
They just send me the Weeble s and I just love it so much that I'm happy to talk about it
So that all said if you guys want to help support the channel then always check out the Tokyo merch probably seen it throughout this
entire video
the paolo from tokyo disco community is lives that you guys want to connect with other people who love japan or have some questions and
Then definitely check out that link and like always if you want to see more japan guides or tokyo guides
Then hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one


東京都内在住の場合1日の生活費どのぐらいかかる? (Average Daily Living Cost in Tokyo Japan)

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Courtney Shih 2019 年 12 月 18 日 に公開
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