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I'd taken off my makeup, I had my PJs on...
You sleep with clothes on?
So you sleep with nothing on at all?
That is so weird.
No, you're weird.
You are.
- Clothes. - Naked.
Sleeping naked vs. in clothes.
I live with roommates, of course I'm gonna wear clothes.
Yeah, but you can just lock the door.
Oh, and then if I have heart attack, then no one can get in to save me.
We can't get in.
No one will ever get in, not even the fire department!
Also, if I need water in the middle of the night, what if one of my roommates is up?
I don't know, but sleeping with clothes on is so uncomfortable.
I wore a nightdress once, and by morning, 40 times it wrapped around my body.
Well, I don't really think nightdresses are the in thing to wear to bed.
You just get hot and sweaty in clothes and end up trying to take them off in the middle of the night.
You seem to requite clothes with falling out of bed.
Maybe there's some childhood trauma I need to uncover.
Okay, okay, but what if there's an earthquake?
I would just die with no clothes on while the house is falling down around me.
It's concerning that you find it more important to be covered up than get out alive.
It is so not sexy to wear pajamas.
It totally depends on the PJs.
I don't need to look sexy while I'm binge watching Netflix.
It couldn't hurt.
Being naked means your bits are getting all over the sheets.
Sleeping with clothes on means your bits can't breathe.
Clothes are cozy.
Being naked is freeing.
Should you sleep naked or in clothes?
Have either of you ever thought about sleeping with clothes on but with no covers?
- Are you serious? - What?
It's the best of both worlds.
How can anyone sleep without covers?
I can't even have my foot poking out the end.
It feels so unsafe.
I need to take a walk.
Oh, my God.
No covers?
Wait, I don't do that.
I was just trying to help.



寝る時はパジャマを着る派?何も着ない派? (Sleeping Naked Vs. In Clothes)

3746 タグ追加 保存
Mackenzie 2019 年 12 月 13 日 に公開    newzealand 翻訳    Sophie チェック
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