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Hi, I'm Ryota.
Hi, my name is Taka.
Hi, I'm Toru.
Hi, I'm Tomo.
So excited to have you here in Malaysia.
Is it your first time here?
No, this is the second time.
-Second time? -Yeah
-Well, [speaks in Malay]. That means welcome in Malay. -Ok.
Well, you just dropped a new album "Eye of the Storm."
You changed up your sound a little bit.
That was like new fans? How would you describe ONE OK ROCK?
For someone who doesn't know you at all.
We are still ONE OK ROCK., It doesn't change, but we have to do something like grow up.
We've been doing this band almost like 13 years old.
So we did a lot of songs, we made a lot of like rock music, so we have to like you know go to the next level.
"Wasted Nights" is the one that song launched out right now, but if you wanted to push another song from, you know, which one will it be, like your personal favorite?
I think it's "Push Back" is one of my favorite song so far.
What about you guys?
Erm my favorite song is "Wasted Nights," yeah best.
Same? "Wasted Nights?"
- Same. - same!
Why you are the only one that's different?
- So obviously you are touring with Ed Sheeran. - Yeah.
You are opening all of his Asian shows, but which is the one song that you're most looking forward to perform outside of Japan?
"Wasted Nights"
I'm happy.
Alright, then how is touring with Ed so far?
It's great! Ed was so like such kind, talented (person).
When I have a day off, we are gonna doing football like ONE OK crews and Ed Sheeran crews.
It's great. It's (a) beautiful thing.
I wanna do like *rapid fire* with you guys.
But I'm just gonna name certain things, and you just say whether you're okay with it and you like it or rock.
Ok ka rock.
"Stormy nights."
Partying till the morning.
Oh yeah. Definitely.
"The Lion King?"
"The Lion King," yes.
Doing yoga.
- Nah. - Same.
Oh yeah. I like it.
Yes, why not?
Taking selfies.
Mmmmm. I'm trying all the time but I don't know.
And what about red hair?
Yes, I like it.
Thank goodness.
Before ending, do you have any message for your Malaysian fans?
Hi! We are ONE OK ROCK.
I wanted to say thank you for all the time supporting us since the beginning. [ speaks in Malay]


ONE OK ROCK Talk About Life And Touring With Ed Sheeran

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