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Most professors will dress in "business casual", such as slacks and a button-down shirt.
Sometimes, your professor will dress more casually, such as jeans and a shirt.
And sometimes, they may dress more formally, such as a business suit.
Regardless of how they dress, understand that this is not a reflection of their level of
Clothing in the U.S. classroom is typically informal.
Students will dress casually, in comfortable clothes.
Often, they wear shorts and t-shirts, unless they will be doing a presentation.
Then, they will be dressed in business casual, or business formal.
Though the environment is more casual, the professor and the classroom expectations are
still high.
It is common for U.S. students to bring snacks to class.
In general, this is okay, unless the professor or classroom doesn't allow it.
Just remember to be respectful of those around you.
Generally, it is okay to leave class in the middle of a lecture if you need to take a
brief break.
You don't need to ask permission, but use your best judgment in regards to timing.
Do your best to catch up on notetaking.
Feel free to ask a classmate if you can see their notes after class, to see what you're
if you didn't understand something in class, you can ask your classmates.
Hearing it from another student might make more sense to you.
And, it's a great way to start getting to know your American classmates.


Living in the US: Informal Classroom Culture

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