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Hello guys!
This is Leticia and I am at the airport today.
I have my bag, my passport, my tickets, my reservations are all set for my amazing vacation.
But is my English ready for this trip?
There are some common phrases we can use when travelling that can help us to get through some important situations and I know in some cases we can manage to figure out by ourselves and not talk to anyone but it is really important that you know them just in case you need them in the end.
You may need it, I don't know, it's much better to be prepared than not, right?
Today I'm going to teach you 7 phrases that you can use on your vacation and your trips to help you go through everything, every situation.
These are 7 phrases you should absolutely know when travelling abroad...
Okay, so the first phrase is: "Where is my gate?"
It's actually very important to know your gate because this is where you're going to stay until you get on your flight.
So you always need to confirm where your gate is, just in case you don't get the wrong one cause sometimes airports are very big and the gates are very far apart from each other and you don't want to miss your flight because of that.
This one is especially for the ladies but it's actually a human need so everybody should know it but I am someone who goes a lot to the restroom and I'm always in a hurry so I always need to ask someone: "Where is the restroom?"
We tend to get really scared of the immigration control.
We can actually never know what questions they're going to ask us but there are some common questions they normally do so we need to be prepared for them.
So here are some questions that immigration controls asks:
The first one is: "For how long will you stay in the country?"
You can answer: "I will be here for 15 days", for example.
Second: "Are you here for tourism?" and you can say: "I'm visiting my family" or : "Just for vacation", etc.
The third one is: "Where are you staying?" and you can reply with: "I'm staying at" and the address of the place.
When you get to a restaurant or a hotel,
What is the first thing you normally ask?
Yes, the WiFi password, right?
You don't want to be disconnected at any time.
In these situations...
When you're in a hotel it is very important to know how to call the front desk.
On many occasions, you'll probably need it so make sure you write down the phone desk number.
Another thing that is very important is to know how you ask directions for the places you want to go to when travelling.
If you want to get a bus or go to the nearest bank or pharmacy...
There are actually many ways that you can ask for directions, so I'm going to show you some of them right now.
Let's just take the examples I've mentioned.
You can ask: "Where is the nearest bus stop?" or: "Where can I find a pharmacy" or "Where can I find a bank?"
Last but not least, a very important thing to know how to ask is to ask for help.
I know that I can't cover every situation here, so I'm going to help you with some cases that you'd need help with when travelling.
Some of the most common cases are these: "I have lost my passport!" or "Someone stole my money!"
I'm going home safe, so everything went fine on my trip.
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Like this video and wait for the next one.



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