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What up my ninjas so today I'm gonna show you that Naruto and Boruto park
I'm just so excited to show you guys around cause we got an exclusive tour before the park open
so this ninjas spot is called shinobi zato which is in a Nijigen no Mori park in Awajishima
Located in the Kansai area and I'm just so excited to show you guys and what's here
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So when you arrive
You actually get this bag right here and you get two makimono one is called tennomaki and the other one is called
chinomaki. So basically like this is the earth scroll and this is the heaven scroll
So when you first enter the park you're handed two Scrolls with differing missions
You need to complete kids of all ages will love this. Anyway, I'm also quite curious to see what the park has to offer
So let's get started and let's start with the chinomaki earth scroll one more
Nice, Kakashi sensei. I appreciate the explanation sensei
Check out all of these characters from Naruto. It's so cool
Basically what we're trying to do right now, we're on a mission to find all the different chakra
There's clues hidden at each mission and you have to kind of solve these clues when you're going around
once you figure out the clues then you can go in and
You can fill it in on your map
And once you've filled out all the different missions, then you get a prize at the end. It's like this is so exciting
You almost feel so relaxing and then they have this
Background music going on and you feel like you're on a real mission
We're having like a life-or-death scenario right now, either we solve it or we perish
Sai's drawings, I guess this is one of the challenges. So there's one over there. Oh, here's there's a guidance here
So I've got to look at these two symbols. So there's there is a bird. There is a bat.
So it's weird because I see this paintbrush at each of the rocks and then I see this let me double-check
Oh, I think I figured it out. So you think you think
I figured it out. I feel like I'm in like Tomb Raider, you know solving all the little puzzles
You don't even really need Japanese to solve these puzzles
You just kind of have to you just got to use your ninja intuition. All right, that's one puzzle solved. Let's find another one
Oh-ho, this is so scary
This is getting tough
How small do you have to be to get through here?
Yeah, that's scary
So solving some of these puzzles takes quite a bit of time sometimes, if you're with kids they're gonna love it
I just might take some time. So you gotta be patient. It's all good. I mean, it's like a day in the park.
Oh, look, it's the ninetails let's go let's go
I feel like Tom Cruise
By the way, the park itself is beautiful and full of nature Nijigen no Mori is originally a giant National Park
So it's actually a perfect spot to just hang out, relax, and maybe even have a picnic. You can even hear the birds chirping
And look it's the frog that Naruto studied under.
All right, I think I'm done I've completed all the missions I've answered all of these questions so let's go claim our prize
All right, let's go claim our prize
Wow that was so cool inside. I can't let you guys know what's inside but there's actually quite an interesting surprise in there
so definitely worth seeing
Now let's solve the second makimono, heaven scroll
the heaven scroll is basically a maze and there's two courses, Uchiha, and Uzumaki
Uchiha is an intellectual course while Uzumaki is one of the more active courses. And no doubt, I'm doing the Uzumaki course, Narutooo~
Wow he's actually talking
I think you actually need to be pretty fit to do this
I'm feeling more like a ninja everyday
-"Boruto-kun!" -Ah! *gets startled by speaker*
That's so scary, I didn't expect that
And you can collect stamps along the way
Look, I got two stamps. I got so many more to go though. Let's go find the rest
This is where my ninja academy training
really shines. I wanna be Hokage one day so I gotta train really hard
Let's go down through here
look at that, we can either surrender
Or you can keep going. Let's keep going! I thought that was a book on the ground, but it's actually just a prop
Can't really lift it up
I'm doing it
Then at the end you can get to see Naruto and Sasuke. What up ninjas?
Whoa, sugoi!
Well, that was a lot faster than I thought. So we got two prizes going on
Both of the missions one is a black Naruto bracelet. And the other one is a white Naruto bracelet
So if you put the two kanji together, it spells out shinobi
Which means ninja in Japanese. Go ninja go ninja go ninja go
And this is definitely my favorite part of the park, Ichiraku Ramen!
Look at this, this is like tonkotsu ramen and in fact, this place has three types of ramen
They have shoyu ramen
They have miso ramen and they have like the regular pork based ramen
Which I got. This is like your basic Hakata ramen
If you've never had ramen before. I really feel like I'm in anime right now. Oh, look at that loveliness
You always know that it's like hakata style ramen because it has like this white
Pork broth is it's like marked with these like thin
noodles, try some of this bad boy
Just how I like my hakata ramen, the noodles
are nice and thin a little bit firm, soaks up all of the broth. And that broth is nice
It's like a nice creamy silky smooth pork broth, you know like a lot of these amusement parks
You don't expect the food to be really that good. But in fact, it's pretty good
Like let's try some of the chashu, nice you can see the pork fat in there
That's decent. And look you even have these Naruto pieces, you have a black one, and you have a white one
Definitely a ramen made by a ninja and you guys know if Naruto was here he'd be ordering the (oomori) size
Oh, and if you want something to bring back home the shop even sells original goods only available at the park
All right
So I'm gonna cut off the video here
But this video is gonna be part of a two-part series
This being the first part and the second part is gonna be what else you can do in this area because you've come all this
Way, you're gonna want to know where to stay, what to eat
What else you can do in this area. And I'm gonna have that in the next video. So definitely check it out
I'll be releasing it in the next few days
And for those of you who are into Hello Kitty
Then you're gonna want to stay tuned
If you like this video help me out and hit that like button again
if you guys want to see what I'm doing on the daily check out my Instagram feed and if you want to help support the
Channel definitely check out My Tokyo merch. Links are always in the description. All right, I'll catch you guys in the next video


NARUTOとBORUTOの世界に! (World’s largest Naruto and Boruto Theme Park in Japan)

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