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Welcome back to Top Words!
My name is Alisha, and today we're gonna talk about the 10 most romantic things to do on a date.
So let's go!
candlelit dinner
The first phrase is "candlelit dinner," a candlelit dinner.
So there's a candle and that's the light, so candle lit refers to that your dinner is lit, or you see your dinner by a candle, like, so it's very very dim, the light is very low, that's the image of a candlelit dinner.
In a sentence, candlelit dinners make me nervous.
That's true.
When I came home there was a candlelit dinner on the table.
go for a long walk
The next expression is "go for a long walk."
Go for a long walk, this could be a good thing.
So it's just as it sounds, on your date, you go for a walk somewhere, presumably in a nice location or in a quiet location.
It's a little strange to go for a long walk down, like, a busy street.
The idea of go for a long walk is that you have a chance to speak to the person that you're on a date with.
In a sentence, I think going for a long walk can be nice sometimes.
In this sentence, we went for a long walk around the city at dusk.
go bowling
The next expression is "go bowling."
So if you like, maybe, very, very casual or kind of even sport-ish dates, you can go bowling for your date.
So in a sentence, I don't think I've ever been bowling on a date.
Maybe I have... I have been bowling, I don't know if I have been on a bowling date.
I don't know, I feel like I'd be too preoccupied with wanting to win the game, and I wouldn't be focused on my date.
We go bowling every Sunday.
go to the aquarium
Yeah, okay, the next expression is "go to the aquarium."
Ah! That's kind of a nice idea!
I would say go to the aquarium or like maybe go to a museum, both of those are maybe nice ideas.
So it's just a place you go, maybe you can learn something with the person you're on the date with, or you can see something you're both interested in.
So I think going to the aquarium sounds like a fun idea for a date.
In this sentence, oh!
I pet a stingray at the aquarium.
Have you ever done that?
Like, in those little petting pools, like the stingrays, they had like stingrays...
This is my stingray impression, by the way.
I think they have stingrays kind of like hanging out in there, and as you, as they kind of stingray by, as they swim by, you can touch them and they kind of feels like slimy, but like, they're like...
- Aren't they dangerous?
Mmm... they have, well, there's the manta rays, and they're stingrays, but I think with the stingrays, the ones that are poisonous... this is their tail.
My stingrays are awesome, let me tell you!
But I think that they removed the stingers from them so that like they can't actually hurt anybody, or, I don't know, there's something they've done.
They've also got like other like weird touchy things for kids to feel, in those little like touchy ponds.
But anyway, that's a cool idea for a date.
Let's go!
go to the opera
The next expression is "go to the opera."
Go to the opera sounds like a very formal date idea.
I think, I would be very nervous if I went on an opera date.
So, to go to the opera you have to, like, you know, be nicely dressed, and you go listen to people sing in a language that you probably don't understand, and then you are like, wow, that's pretty much how I would experience an opera, I think.
So let's see, in a sentence, I think going to the opera could be really interesting, but I don't know if I would enjoy it for a date.
In this sentence, we got dressed up and we went to the opera.
go to the zoo
The next one is "go to the zoo."
Go to the zoo... going to the zoo is probably a popular date idea, I imagine.
All right, in this sentence, I don't like going to the zoo because of the smell.
have a picnic
The next expression is "have a picnic."
Have a picnic is kind of like a classic date thing, I think.
I don't know that I would do this now, necessarily, like, I have picnics with my friends, I've had picnics one-on-one with my friends.
I think it was because they were my friend that I was comfortable.
I think a date, a picnic date with wine, cheese, and meat, and dessert would be fantastic.
We hiked up the mountain and had a picnic at sunset.
have dinner and see a movie Ah!
The next one is probably the most classic date idea, which is "have dinner and see a movie."
So you go to dinner and then you see a movie, or vice-versa, you see a movie and then have dinner together.
Especially, in my mind, if you see the movie first and then go to dinner, then you have something you can both talk about, right?
Or if you go to dinner first, you know, you can speak to each other a little bit and then go see the movie and not talk to each other, which is fine.
But I feel like seeing the movie first and then going to dinner seems to make more sense to me because then you can actually talk to the other person.
I don't know, that's my idea.
What are you doing next week?
Do you want to have dinner and see a movie with me?
In this sentence, how about dinner and a movie?
take a ferry ride
The next one is "take a ferry ride", or "take a boat ride," I guess.
So you just, you get on a boat together and you go somewhere - sounds a little bit old-fashioned to me but whatever.
In a sentence, let's take a ferry ride this weekend.
In this sentence, we took a ferry ride around the Statue of Liberty.
walk on the beach
The next expression is "walk on the beach," another very classic date idea.
So you just walk together on the beach, maybe it's a long walk on the beach, I don't know.
So a long walk on the beach or just a short walk on the beach, even, can be very nice.
In a sentence, let's take a walk on the beach.
In this sentence, I like long walks on the beach.
So that's the end!
Those are 10 romantic ideas for a date.
If you have different date ideas, please be sure to tell us about them in the comments - that was weird.
If you have different ideas for a date, leave us...
If you have different ideas for a date, please leave us a comment and let us know about it.
Thanks very much for watching, please be sure to like this video and subscribe, if you haven't already.
And we will see you again soon. Bye!



英語で学ぼう!ロマンチックなデートベスト10 (Learn the Top 10 Most Romantic Ideas for a Date in English)

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