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Hey guys, it's Chika!
So, we are in Guam right now
and today, we are gonna go eat at IHOP.
International House of Pancakes.
Pudding's ready.
Okay, let's go.
Hi, three and a baby.
Follow me, please.
Thank you.
Do you guys have high chairs?
I'm gonna go ahead and remove a chair
because the high chair can't be here
for safety hazard.
Angel, you can sit on the inside.
Everyone, this is Angel.
Buttermilk crispy chicken.
Oh, I haven't been to an IHOP in so long.
Can I start you guys off with anything to drink?
I'll have an iced tea.
An iced tea? Sure.
Unsweetened or sweetened?
I'll do sweet tea.
I'll get the same.
and the same...
Could I get a small water?
Water? Sure. I'll be right back.
It's one of your favorite songs!
It's Pudding's favorite song.
Oh, this is what my mom likes.
She was into this for a while. The crepes.
They've got like... I haven't been to IHOP in so long but they've got like really interesting menus.
Yeah, they have the local part right here.
Check it out.
What kind of things do they have?
Milk fish.
That's mostly like Philippine breakfast dish...
So a lot of the food here has like Philippine and Spanish influence.
They have fried rice!
I've never been to an IHOP with fried rice before!
Maybe this one has Chamorro sausage so it's kind of spicy.
It's like a loco moco?
Yeah, but with red rice.
Guam style with the coconut cream sauce.
I like that.
Oh, look! They have like syrup containers are new.
They used to be old school when I used to go to IHOP.
What kind do they have?
Old fashioned, boysenberry, butter pecan, strawberry.
What are you gonna get?
Do they have a kid's menu for you?
Kid's menu!
Are you guys ready to order?
We need another minute. Sorry.
That's okay. No worries.
We'll get that.
Just one, just one!
Oh my! On my mommy's pants!
They've got everything.
I don't remember that IHOP menu being so extensive.
World-famous pancakes!
This is the old school syrup thing.
Now they put the syrup for the teas in here.
Are you ready?
Could I get New York steak, please?
and fried rice?
Combination fried rice?
and you can choose 2 sides.
Broccoli and the mashed potato.
Mashed potato?
I'm gonna try the New York cheesecake pancakes.
and I'll get sunny side up and sausage.
That's it.
Oh, and then the Funny Face pancake for her.
She gets a free drink.
She can either get juice, chocolate milk, hot cocoa or regular milk.
What kind of juice is it?
Apple, pineapple and orange juice.
I'll get the pineapple juice.
Thank you.
Just a little bit.
Have you been to Japan?
I've been there 21 times.
Yeah, I like Japan.
Almost Japanese!
Yeah. But I haven't gone to a lot of places yet.
Did you visit a famous place in Japan?
I really like to go to Odaiba.
Odaiba? Why?
Just the view.
You know, I just want to walk around there.
Sometimes, I like to go to Ueno.
Especially when it's cherry blossom season.
Ah, I see.
What's your favorite place or thing about Guam?
I like natural pool and river.
Like Priest Pools?
Yup, so beautiful there.
Like an Onsen?
If you go there like sunset time... it's perfect.
What would you recommend for the Gram?
Instabae-spots (Instagram worthy spots)?
Insta-Guam spot?
Usually they take the Tumon bus stops.
Recently there is a lot of art.
They're becoming a thing to take now.
Yeah, Francesca's on the wall.
I understand.
Your girl's Funny Face (pancakes).
Oh thank you.
Oh my gosh, wow.
It's big! It's humongous!
I haven't given Pudding chocolate yet.
I didn't realize that was gonna be chocolate (pancake).
Funny Face pancakes!
Picking out the pieces where there's not chocolate in it.
Oh, you don't like it!
You don't like chocolate!
Pudding's like "I don't think this is good for me, mom!"
I thought it was gonna be an original pancake with a face on it.
Oh wow. It looks so big.
Oh my gosh, it's huge!
This one is smaller than the kid's pancake.
Here's the chicken and waffle.
I'll be back with another chicken.
Because it fell on the tray.
Alright, thank you.
I never would have thought IHOP had fried rice.
and then, it's actually pretty good.
She likes the broccoli the best.
That's good.
I'm gonna try the New York cheesecake pancake.
Oh, there's cream cheese in the pancake.
Yup. But it's good, actually.
Do you guys wanna try? The chicken or waffle?
Oh, we're good. Yeah, I got lots to eat.
Alright, so that was IHOP.
and there's Angel playing with Pudding.
He's very very good with her.
We got a box to go.
Osaru-san will probably eat it later.
The portion is huge!
and we'll see you again soon.


アメリカのやば過ぎる食生活!第二弾!IHOPでボリューム満点ランチ☆ (IHOP in Guam! Pancakes, chicken & waffles, and fried rice??)

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