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And how would you like me to address you?
I guess Gaga or Lady, it's up to you.
-Lady it is. -Thank you.
Lady Gaga is quite official.
Lady it is, it feels official.
Mr Beckham…
Yes, please!
David is more than fine.
David? Okay, good.
Should I shuffle them?
Maybe, there's quite a few.
Who is your young-age idol?
I'd have to say my parents.
Hard-working, working class…
My mum is 70 years old, still a hairdresser in London.
My father was a gas engineer.
Who was your idol growing up?
My grandmothers…
At the darkest, hardest times in my life,
I've always had my grandmothers there to say:
“Stop that crying. I'll let you cry for today.
Tomorrow you're going to wake up and no more tears.
You're gonna keep going.”
Okay, so what's next for you?
You know, I always like to let creativity
come my way in the form of inspiration.
I find that it comes to me like…
a whisper of passion.
What's next for me? I don't quite know yet.
But, I guess what I'm sure of
is what's next for me is there will be a burst of inspiration,
and when it comes I will grab it.
-Blackjack! -Yep!
We keep forgetting how to play the game!
The most daring moment of your life.
You know, obviously with TUDOR
I've just done a free diving trip
and I did a snowboarding trip,
so those were pretty daring, but…
I would have to say moving clubs.
Going from Manchester in England
to Madrid in Spain.
Different cultures, different places,
different cities, different teams…
Another language, that I didn't speak.
A total change.
Then, moving from Madrid to the US,
that was daring for me, professionally.
But whenever anyone turned round to me and said:
“Don't do something.”
-I'm doing it! -I'm doing it.
It doesn't matter whether…
It's my best friend,
if I feel that it's the right thing to do,
I'm gonna do it, no matter what.
To me, the most daring moments in my life
have been when I did not give up.
Where there's something in me that's going…
“you don't have it in you, you can't do it, you're done…”
Lots of self-doubt, and…
having that other voice of “you've got this,
be stronger than all the others”,
You've just got to use it, shout it, yell it,
and have it be louder than everything else.
But, your styles affect culture,
you know, in such an iconic way.
How does it feel to effect so many people's lives?
I always have said that I don't feel like
God put me on this earth
to be loved by the world.
I believe that God put me on this earth for me
to help people love themselves more.
I want to do that in everything that I do.
Being successful in our areas, being able to have a voice
and make good use of that, we are very lucky.
I want a high-five for that.


レディー・ガガとデイビッド・ベッカムが対談 (When Lady Gaga meets David Beckham)

325 タグ追加 保存
Austin Hung 2019 年 11 月 19 日 に公開
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