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Want to improve writing in your target language?
In this guide, you'll discover the top eight ways to practice and master writing with our lessons and learning program.
Let's begin.
Number one. Write out the words and phrases by hand.
One of the best ways to improve your writing is to simply write more, so write every word phrase and sentence that you learn in the lessons by hand in a notebook.
You can write out the conversations from the dialogue study tool.
Example sentences from the lesson notes and words and phrases from our vocabulary lists.
Number two. Take the writing quizzes.
With every lesson, you get review quizzes to help you master what you've learned.
Just scroll down to the vocabulary section or click on vocabulary.
Click on take quiz and then click on writing questions.
Number three. Leave a comment on the lesson.
After you're done with a lesson, be sure to use what you've learned whether a new word or a grammar point.
Leave a comment in the comment section and our teachers will review it and give you feedback.
Number four dictation.
Dictation is a study method where you write down what you hear as a way to test both your writing and listening skills.
You can do this with any one of our audio and video lessons.
This method is recommended for intermediate level learners and above.
Number five. Create sentences using newly learned words.
You can learn new words with our lessons, the word of the day, the vocab lists, and the core 2000 word list, which gives you the 2000 most frequently used words and as mentioned before you can also leave a comment with a practice sentence and our teachers will review it.
Number six. Write short messages to your Premium Plus teacher.
Just write out a message and send it to your Premium Plus teacher for review.
In fact, as a first step all new Premium Plus users are asked to write a self introduction and send it to their teacher.
Your teacher will review your work give you feedback corrections and help you improve your writing skills fast.
Number seven get writing assignments from your Premium Plus teacher.
You can also get assignments cover listening, writing, speaking, and even reading from your teacher.
These assignments can be tailored to your goals and needs.
You get a new one every week or any time you're ready for a new one.
Number eight. Get even more lessons in the lesson library.
If you want even more writing lessons, then visit our lesson library and under category, choose reading and writing.
You get instant access to all of the pathways and lessons that will help you master all areas of the language including writing.
You'll get all of our pathways and lessons that are dedicated to helping you master writing, so if you're ready to finally learn language the fast fun and easy way and start speaking from your very first lesson get our complete learning program sign up for your free lifetime account right now.
Click the link in the description and if you enjoyed these tips, hit the like button share it with anyone who's trying to learn a language and subscribe to our Channel.
We release new videos every week.
I'll see you next time bye.


英語のライティング能力を上げる8つの方法 (8 Ways to Practice English Writing)

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